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The claim that the complexity of the world is not explainable via evolutionary theory is really remarkable. Let's think about what this means:

Because *I* personally cannot imagine how the complex interactions of adaptations, over vast periods of time, could lead to the complexity I see in the world, it must be due to an intelligent designer.

The notion that my human imagination may simply be unable to formulate the necessary chains of evolutionary adaptation to create the complexity we see is dismissed without comment. Hey, if I, a totally untrained evolutionary theorist, can't imagine how an eye evolved, there must be a designer somewhere who did it - there's no other answer.

It is also not possible that I lack an understanding of the multiplying effect of thousands upon thousands of generational evolutionary changes. I'm good with big numbers, so I'm sure I really understand what this means and have fully addressed every possiblity in my imagination.

It does indeed take tremendous hubris, does it not, to postulate that if my magnificent intellect cannot understand something, that a divine force must be involved?

Here's an idea. I think the Bernoulli equation (a theoretical description of flow) claims that pressure decreases on the top side of an airfoil because the velocity of the air is higher over the curved surface. This give the wing it's "lift". But that's really just a "theory". My theory is that some intelligent traveller spirit wants me to get from Boston to LA in five hours.

Because my theory cannot be disproved, it should be taught in my local high school right alongside Bernoulli. Right after the ID course is done. The legitimacy of both claims is pretty equivalent.

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