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" such a fantastically ridiculous notion that Obama and the Democrats are going to cancel elections, or disband the Supreme Court, or initiate other actions that would be necessary to turn this country in a totalitarian haven, any rational American has to ask if this fellow isn’t a couple of shakes short of a martini."

Cancelling elections? Martial law? Totalitarianism? Funny, these are the accusations I heard from the left over 8 years during the Bush Administration. You know, that the Patriot Act was a precursor to "re-education" camps and the like...

Just saying...

Comment Posted By JG On 9.04.2009 @ 12:53

Beck and others have TONS of audio and tv transcripts you and others can wade through and cherry pick from. Of course there are going to be mistakes, things that could've been said differently, etc... However, the thing you're missing here, in my opinion, is CONTEXT.

Like I tell people who instinctively bash Rush/Fox News/O'Reilly/Hannity, etc... If you don't FOLLOW, listen to, or watch these people with any regularity, you miss 50% of the context even though you might be one of the few that actual thinks they are getting it by reading the official transcript instead of getting info from heresay.

You have to understand their sense of humor, sarcasm, and oddities that make them unique -- to give others a true account of their statements. I don't think you've done that here. Good article, though.

Comment Posted By JG On 8.04.2009 @ 17:49


I have to believe that there is a paper trial for an enterprising investigative reporter who wants to get to the bottom of the donations/DNC/PAW connection. Hsu is gone - the paper trail and the illigalities if there are any are still here!

Comment Posted By JG On 5.09.2007 @ 14:54



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