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Not to be pedantic (okay, I'm pedantic). First of all, John O'Brien has played about 10 minutes in MLS. He only signed with Chivas USA this year and is chronically injured. He made his name playing for Ajax in Holland. He's amazing when he's fit which is almost never.

Paul Mirengoff at Powerline referred to McBride (as Kevin rather than Brian?) who in fact is our most consistant finisher which is why we're in trouble. Brian is inconsistant thus we have no proven finishers.

Eddie Pope has lost a step and will struggle against world class strikers. He, not our make shift left back Eddie Lewis, is the true Achille's Heel on defense.

Contra Steve Jones, we will not get spanked. While my heart says we take all 9 points and face Croatia in the Round of 16, intellectually the best we can hope for is a massive upset of the Czechs who are better but older/slower, and a knock down, drag out win versus Ghana for 6 points (we lose to Italy, 1-0). We finish second in the group then get knocked out by Brazil, 1-0.

Realistically, we probably draw the Czechs, lose to Italy, and draw Ghana, earning two points, and go home. We will not be humiliated but we will not progress.

I love the US team and support them wholeheartedly. It's just an unlucky draw this year.

Steve, I hope England takes it all but I predict they'll make the semifinals and finish third overall.

Comment Posted By JDB On 5.06.2006 @ 05:00



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