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I don't understand why people are so afraid of ID being taught in the classroom as a reasonable alternative to strict evolution theory. Doesn't like 95% of the entire civilized world believe that some form of higher being set the universe in motion? Why should the slim minority dictate what teachings take place in our schools? It seems this approach is pretty narrow minded. Most of us believe that a God, divine being, or prime mover of some sort set events in order. It's the age old argument of where we came from. I think that if a super supermajority believes in some sort of God or power that created this majestic universe, it should be taught to some degree as a reasonable balance to strict evolution theory. I'm not saying teach a specific religion like christianity or judaism. But let's at least entertain the possibility of a higher influence. Our kids deserve at least that debate.

One final note: I always here these nutty leftist organizations like the ACLU who are currently trying to damage a nationaly cherished organization, the Boy Scouts, rant about freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Isn't this freedom of speech in the end? Where is the ACLU now?

Comment Posted By JAL On 3.08.2005 @ 19:55



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