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The President has nothing to apologize for or admit to. The collapse of the emergency reponse truly and soley rests with Nagin and Blanco. Nagin did not activate his city's CEM plan properly and Blanco did not interceed as Govenor when it was clear that Nagin had failed in his duties. Blanco herself also did not activate the states CEM plan properly.

On FEMA's website it boldly states that you cannot expect help for 2-5 days of the diaster. Thats why they always recommend at least three days worth of supplies stored for an emergency.

The MSNM did a bang up job of convincing people that the government response was slow. But in reality the response to this diasater was much faster than previous responses such as Hurricane Floyd in 1999. But Clinton was President then so the MSNM wasn't going to sensationlize that.

If you crtitique FEMA's response to this disaster you will see that they have been on top of it for the most part even before the hurricane hit land. See for yourself go to and look at the FEMA news releases of the actions they were taking in regards to Katrina. It certainly doesn't look to me like they were sitting on their hands.

Even if you think Mike Brown was a complete numbskull you have to give him credit for doing a good job of coordinating a response. I'm sure there were some glitches along the way but that is par for the course in disasters.

No Mr. President I would not admit to mistakes that you didn't make. That is what the left is waiting for to seal their candidates election in '08

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