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Congratulations on this entry. Not so much for the ideas you expressed, but for the fascinating responses your post has engendered. I’ve been quite engaged reading through them all.

But then that is the point, isn’t it? It’s all about entertainment. Whether Ann Coulter fans come to this blog and attempt to justify their admiration for their hero or not, many find her entertaining for precisely the reasons you found to condemn her. Sure, Ann says some pretty bizarre things that are mostly indefensible. But that’s why she’s so fun to watch. That’s how show biz works. There’s always somebody somewhere willing to do just about anything for a few bucks. Need someone to take off their clothes and insert degrading objects into their orifices and you have a line of wannabe porn stars stretching out forever. Need someone to fling horrible lies about people they have never met and you have hordes of desperate commentators willing to prostitute their dignity to fulfill that demand.

Lets not kid ourselves here folks. I don’t watch porn to learn about human anatomy and I don’t watch Ann Coulter to engage in political discourse. I’m cheap and easily entertained. My only interest is that people keep this dialogue going. The responses posted here are kind of like the “money shot” of the whole incident. Very satisfying, very satisfying indeed.

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