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That being said, I was trying to point out that while John may be animated by a spirit of patriotism, the themes and talking points he has used to bash conservativest are similar to those used by people who are driven by ideology, by hate and loathing of the President, and yes, by hatred of the United States of America, to attack our war effort and undermine the US armed forces in the process.

I see where your problem lies. You assume that everyone who disagrees with the President, with his policies hates America and is driven by ideology.

I know for one I am not driven by ideology. Rather my concern is driven by observations that came from years of watching the Republican party from the inside lose track of the message of Sen. Goldwater and later President Reagan.

John Cole today is where I was back in 1998 or so, finally starting to see the forest for the trees, expressing deep concern and now being ridiculed by people who used to praise him and claiming he's espousing an anti-American ideology.

Your problem is that you don't listen. None of us, even some of the most extreme liberals hate America. What we hate is what America has become.

What we want is to return to the belief that America is that Shining City on the Hill. The Beacon of Light for others to follow.

By claiming we are ideologues you are projecting. Only someone who is blinded by ideology could possibly support President Bush and still claim to be a Republican.

Comment Posted By J. Caesar On 27.05.2005 @ 12:24



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