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This president raised his right hand and swore "to uphold the constituition of the United States"....I did too and also swore to obey the orders of the Commander and Chief...the "President". For both of us the first part was the first part....the "Constititution of the United States". The second part for me implied a trust in the integrety of that Person (or those persons that advise) that would send me into harms way...It didnt work then(thats one reason why the Foreign Intellegence Survalence Act of 1977 was enacted...because the executive branch got out of control "in order to protect us...but seemed to have a penchant for delving into the affairs of their political oppenents...imagine that today with good old Carl Rove....naaa?) and it's worse now. Take this Presidents word? You have got to be kidding think I was born yesterday...come to think of it I was. Keep the questions rolling...don't quit. Oh THEY will monitor me...funny thing Indiana Jones remarked "They are digging in the wrong place". Some things never change.

Comment Posted By J Winstead On 22.08.2006 @ 00:26

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