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I had dropped in to this squish site hoping Mr Moran had purchased a clue in the several months since the last time I was here...He hasn't.

If Mr Moran had been actually watching and listening to Beck for the two years he has been on TV(or actually listening to his show for more than a few ADHD minutes at a time)he would be ASTOUNDED by the breath-taking accuracy of his predictions of the things presently befalling the country.

Mr Moran...still shopping around for some hint of a clue, and still coming up short.

Comment Posted By J David On 8.04.2009 @ 12:37


How fortunate I should make the fairly unusual stop at what I, upon only a few stops here, decided was a moderate, "moral equivalence" blog-spot, just in time to say "MODERATE!"

Merely reading the list of so-called musts(hyperboles) for a *conservative* pretty much gives away the game, but the defensiveness in the "I Believe" section clinches it. When one must make a defense for *conservative* bona fides (as Coulter, Limbaugh, Beck, Savage, Steyn, Sobran, Sowell, Farah, Schlafly, Cal Thomas, David Limbaugh, among others, would not have to defend their *conservativism* label) they may claim some *conservative* common points, but that does not a *conservative* make. Topping it off would be the knocking of real "movementarians". Reagan conservatism is *conservatism*, everything thing else is a compromise position.

The reason I listed those conservative principles is because there are plenty of dolts like you who have no clue what "conservative" means. If Hannity or Rush doesn't talk about it, it's not conservative. Or worse, if they rail against it, it must be liberal or "moderate."

I frankly don't care what any of my more ignorant readers think except in the grand scheme of things, I despise the rise of anti-intellectualism that people like you represent. I think it best to chastise you and either shame you in getting some kind of education about the true nature of conservatism or to simply shut you up and let the adults in the room talk business.


Comment Posted By J David On 28.10.2008 @ 10:17



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