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the Fly-Man said: Sure you don’t suffer fools well but sometimes you look like one in the process of rendering your wrath.

Did you catch his "Google Blocks Conservative Websites" outburst this weekend? a classic of right-wing paranoia and general idiocy!

RM wrote: "more a nuisance than a threat"

shouldn't that be this site's motto?

Yes - and half the Democratic party was paranoid when Google blocked sites supporting Hillary? And the constant gaming of conservative websites with blocks being put on conservative Blogspot blogs on a regular basis?

And the Google Bombs that were directed against Bush that Google refused to address for 3 years while the Google Bomb against Obama was defused in a matter of hours.

Paranoia? What paranoia?

And do you have an independent thought of your own? Must we continually be subjected to your shopworn talking points? Perhaps not in this comment but a perusal of your past efforts are so lame as to be beyond belief. I mean, my cat is more original than you are. Besides, anonymous blowhards like you - people who don't have the guts to use their real names and would wet their pants if they were forced to make their insults to the faces of their targets - I find to be more tiresome than annoying


Comment Posted By HyperIon On 2.02.2009 @ 18:55


#42 wrote:
My son (6th grade) sees the logic behind ID as opposed to the pop culture myth of Darwinism.

If your son is as smart as you think, pretty soon he's gonna figure out you're a moron. Thinking ID is about logic and referring to Darwinism as a pop culture myth all point to this conclusion.

The stupid, it burns!

Comment Posted By Hyperion On 27.12.2008 @ 18:38

I can't argue with what you write here, which is a first for me!

But I sure could argue with some of your commenters. Whew, they are a dim lot. My condolences.

For example John(in #2)wrote: Modern biology – at least the science and not philosophy, is not based on evolutionary theory.

That statement is just flat out wrong. Natural selection requires a means of modifying/transmitting "traits"; DNA is that means. Modern biology and evolution are inextricably linked.

Comment Posted By Hyperion On 26.12.2008 @ 18:40


laura wrote:It’s cost Republicans their hold on the White House. That punishment has been rendered.

so you argue that the deterrent to breaking the law is losing elections? how about being prosecuted for breaking the law? i thought that was what we had a justice system for. oh, wait, the bush admin has broken that, too. i guess we'll just have to let everyone off the hook. good idea. the founding fathers would be proud!

Comment Posted By Hyperion On 21.12.2008 @ 16:54

Certs. Is it a breath mint or a candy mint?

Ok, I can see how that MIGHT be an interesting question.

But torture-a matter of opinion or a question of legality? Please.

You wrote: This is a matter of conscience.

Yet you also explicitly state that the laws against torturing were broken by Rumsfeld et al.

Do you or do you not believe in the rule of law?

You write: I will not, as many liberals do, berate those of you who disagree with me.

So you are going to make a virtue out of the necessity of tolerating the neanderthals in your party.

They broke the law; they tortured people, all the while denying Americans would do anything "like that". But you'll not berate anyone about this. Wow.

Comment Posted By Hyperion On 19.12.2008 @ 19:33


DaveinPhoenix wrote:
Maybe I’m the stupid one.

or just slow. it appears that your brain is functioning now.

Comment Posted By Hyperion On 19.12.2008 @ 19:13


This shoe thrower will be remembered just like Tank Man in Tiananmen Square. Suck on that!

BWHAHAHAHAHAHA. Right. A half crazed, deranged Bush hater will be remembered in the same breath as a guy standing in front of a tank? Do you hear yourself? Can anyone really be that stupid?

Thanks for the chuckle. I needed it today.


Comment Posted By HyperIon On 15.12.2008 @ 16:47


jason s wrote: what percentage of new medical innovation do you suppose comes out of Canada, Britain or France as opposed to the U.S.? I’ll give you a clue – it’s very very small.

substitute the word "financial" for the word "medical" above.

and good luck trying to make the argument that what the US needs now is LESS regulation because a really free market would cure our horrible health care system. your timing is VERY bad.

Comment Posted By Hyperion On 24.11.2008 @ 11:13

hmm..something ate my original response to your edit of my #27 comment.

i found this easily.

it directly refutes your contention about the role medical bills play in bankruptcy. notice carefully that i have presented a FACT to address your unsupported (and apparently FALSE) allegation. and yet i do not accuse you of being dishonest.

Comment Posted By Hyperion On 23.11.2008 @ 13:37

two comments...

first: #25 how is Jason's remark worthy of "Bingo"? how can universal health care (UHC) be free? someone must pay. one can't propose UHC without addressing who will pay. i'm thinking "others" will pay. (that would be all of us. oh, noes!)

second: to the extent that your argument is about "what will happen to conservatism if folks demand AND get UHC?", this is at the core of "conservatism" current problems. if it's all about ideology, you will fail. got it?

this is another RM 1000 word screed with no discussion of WHY people want UHC: it's lack is destroying businesses (like GM) and individuals (who get bankrupted by major illness) and the nation (which suffers the consequences of poor prenatal care, for example). it costs TOO much for what it delivers. but you guy want to argue about ideological purity. classic oggedy-boogedy.

Please drop the ridiculous notion that people get "bankrupted" by major illness. Every single stat I've seen shows that 98% of people who declare bankruptcy do so because they are getting a divocrce or because they lost their job. It has nothing whatsoever to do with health care - nothing.

Why traffic in that kind of dishonesty?


Comment Posted By Hyperion On 23.11.2008 @ 12:10

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