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One of the problems here is that the very far right has lost sight of who the real bad guy here is. It's not Juan the leafblower or Maria the maid. They are just here because the US is great compared to the $#!+hole Mexico is. Note to V Fox, i have a mop for you to clean up your country with. Either tell me where to mail it or i'm going to stick it someplace you won't like. The drooling left isn't the villain, either, just ignore them for now. The real enemy are guys like Zacarias Moussaoui and Mohamed Atta who seek to exploit the same gaps Juan and Maria did not to have a better life but to destroy the United States. So what do we do? Let's make Juan and Maria the heroes here. Quit laughing! Here's my idea. If Juan and Maria step into the light, stand in line, fill out the paperwork, get legal, and show others, both the ones here and ones still in Mexico, how easy it is, that's less resources needed to chase them down (and deport them)and more to find the aforementioned terrorists and maybe stop another 9-11 in its tracks. But we gotta tell Juan and Maria this, so how about scraping together some cash and buying a little tv time on every station from Beaumont TX to L.A. to pitch my "get legal, stop terrorism" idea to the masses? Good idea? Bad idea? Why?

Comment Posted By Hurricane567 On 17.05.2006 @ 02:13

Let me throw my .02 US in here....
Do i want a better "fence"? Sure, an actual physical wall, fence, whatever. Or a invisible fence, ie Guardies at the border, Predator drones, more Border Patrol agents, ramp it up. We alos need to make the "legal line" shorter. I don't think anyone has touched on how long it takes to get even a green card; if it's YEARS for a law-abiding, hard working immigrant, that's unacceptable. And then there's the guest worker program. You can call it whatever you want, i'll go along with it if it's real purpose crawl up the @$$ of immigrants with a microscope and make sure they aren't drug dealers or terrorists. What about the illegals already here? Their beneifts should be few; i'll let your kids go to school here and i'll pay to have you see a doctor, maybe, and *maybe* i'll let you have a drivers licence, provided you can read the road signs (aside: learn some english!). Other than that, nothing, especally the right to vote unless you become a citizen and pay your taxes, sorry. As far as sending them back, ooooo, thats kinda tricky. I really don't want to throw grandma and grandpa and little kids across the fence. Immigrants who are "set up", ie a place to live, kids in school, a job, even if it's "under the radar", should be sent to the back of the legal line. People less well entrenched could be sent back. But bear in mind all it takes is one INS agent manhandling one little old lady on video tape and wel'll have Hillary and Co frothing at the mouth :-( Do we need to form a 3rd party over this? Not really, espically if, somehow, it makes the left stronger and the right weaker. In summation, i can live with what the prez laid out in his speach.

Comment Posted By Hurricane567 On 16.05.2006 @ 12:58



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