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And just where do you draw the line when it comes to civil liberties? When it comes to you perhaps? Or your family? Would you be understanding if your and/or your family's liberties were being violated? Or is it all good when constitutional liberties are being "stretched" when it is happening to other people? Maybe just brown people? Maybe when it is only non-Republicans? Maybe when it is only non-Americans? They are not American so they don't deserve their own liberties? Are all people created equally? Or just American people? At some point you have to draw the line. You are uncomfortable with what Bush did...but at the same time you are ok with it. That makes no sense. Where is your line? Mild torture? A little slapping perhaps but as long as there are no marks you're cool with it? Are you ok with it when some other country tortures an American in order to get information regarding their national security?

I believe in our constitution. I do not believe that our constituion is perfect though. I agree that sometimes changes need to be made - I support that process wholeheartedly. Change is needed, else you stagnate (plus human beings are not perfect - past mistakes need to be fixed as they are found). As it is though, I believe that our constitution is worth fighting for - worth protecting for me and my own. I believe that my civil liberties are worth fighting for. I believe my fellow man's civil liberties are worth fighting for as well. How can I covet something and not understand when my neighbor covets the same thing? Your premise of dangerous times call for dangerous measures is a scary thought. You can try and deny it but that is your message - or at least that is what I believe you are saying anyways. Maybe we should just go drop nuclear bombs on everyone not American? After all, their liberties do not matter. Just Americans. No more 9/11s.

Yes, I believe that we as a country are at war. Unfortunately I believe we are in the wrong war - or rather, fought the right war in the wrong way for the wrong reasons. There was nothing I could do about that except cast my vote on election day (and past election days) as I have been doing. Unfortunately (politically anyways) I live in Texas. A non-republican vote hardly counts here. One change I would like is the abandonment of the electoral college. The reasons it exists are no longer valid.

I did not cast a Democratic party ballot. Mine was all over, however, I did vote for Obama. I felt he was a better choice than McCain. Unfortunately, who I wanted for president was not on the ballot. I do not believe Obama can fix everything...if people believe that they will be disappointed. I did and still do believe that he can help more than McCain could have helped. I do wish Republicans would stop saying he better stop the sun in the sky else he fails as a president. I believe the right has idolized him almost...calling him the "messiah" and "the One" even though they were/are trying to tear him down by making him seem as if he believes he is Christ reborn. Please try another attack. That one is getting friggen old. It makes me smile a bit whenever I think of you all who have called him that...and now are stuck with him as president (well, president-elect anyways). Must stick in the back of the throat a bit.

It is interesting that the right wants him to fail. It is almost like they need him to fail - in order to justify all of their claims about him. Just like the left probably would have wanted McCain to fail to justify their claims. A terrible, vicious circle. If McCain had won I would have wanted him to succeed. With everything! National security...economy! I would still like to retire at some point in my life! Wanting/wishing/praying for someone (your future President even) to fail is stupid. I never wished for George W. Bush to fail. I never wished for Bill Clinton to fail. I never wished for George Bush to fail (I don't even mind that he did eventually tax me). I never wished for Ronald Reagon to fail. You get the point.

@Gayle Miller:
Why would you quote the word rule? I'm surprised you refrained yourself from calling him "The One" or "Messiah"...or "Barack Hussein Obama", because, you always refer to him by his full name. I really can't believe you think he is our punishment from some god because Democrats spoke bad about George Walker Bush during his presidency. That's just creepy. Maybe George Walker Bush was America's punishment for Republicans talking bad about Clinton? Hmmm????? Of course not though...your god would never back a Democrat, huh?

"Maybe when it is only non-Americans? They are not American so they don’t deserve their own liberties."

Your intimation of racism guiding my thoughts is typical - can't argue the merits so smear someone. And if you are talking about "non-Americans" who get caught in this country, I have made my feelings known numerous times on this site regarding my opposition to many of the Administration's detention policies.

But non-Americans caught outside of America? You're kidding right?


Comment Posted By Hugh Larious On 10.11.2008 @ 18:23


I loved most of this post. Resonated with part of it, if you will. I believe that after every election everyone should go visit something memorable that brings up feelings of patriotism to remove bad feelings/karma/whatever. Hell, at least just listen to Lee Greenwood a few times a day.

Other parts of your post..."cult like groupies"...?? Where did that come from? Why are his supports "groupies"? Wouldn't McCain's followers be considered "cult like groupies" as well?

@Hyman Roth:
Read my lips - no new taxes! Bush 41 didn't lose his re-election because he was being a nice guy. Don't forget that Perot took right at a fifth of the popular vote as well...not sure if that pulled any electoral votes from either of the main candidates or not but something to consider as well. Plus, he was running against Mr. Charisma himself...Bill Clinton. That man could work the stage.

How come everyone keeps saying things such as: "cry-baby spoil-sports" "2 year olds the last 8 years" when speaking of liberals or Democrats - like they or Republicans are even better?? Hell, Obama isn't President yet (if he will be) and I already hear the whining. Hypocrits...everyone of you. If a democrat is in office...republicans whine. If a republican is in office....democrats whine. Go figure.

So gonna blow shit up? Spare us.

Comment Posted By Hugh Larious On 13.10.2008 @ 11:31


Your media is going to be biased. Like I said: Get. Over. It. I can't believe there has to be bias equality? That's hilarious.

You didn't answer my questions that I directed at you. All you did was reiterate media bias. Yay. That again...and tell us once again how smart you are. I once knew someone who constantly touted how smart they were. Yea. Good times. Get over that too, please. Has anyone here called you stupid in any way? I surely didn't. I just wanted to know a few things from you. And what the hell...left wing Kool Aid? words. Next you'll break out the flip flops that the Republican party did Kerry. That's pretty lame.

Comment Posted By Hugh Larious On 10.10.2008 @ 15:38

Why do you call Obama "The Messiah" and "our Lord" even after your "end sarcasm" tag? What connotation and/or fear are you trying for? I never understood that line of attack by the Republican party?

Is your defense of the "angry Republicans" and the "burning effigy" really just "well, the democrats did it"? Since the democrats were being whiny little bitches the republicans can too?

@Gayle Miller:
And why do you call Obama by his full name on your site all the time? Just for kicks? Do you call McCain by his full name as well (John Sidney McCain III)? If not, then how come? You also say Obama lacks moral character. What about John McCain's moral character? How about that ex-wife of his? You know..the one he friggen cheated on? How's that for moral values? What morals of Obama bother you?

You said "Obama calls anyone who doesn't support him a racist"...where the hell did you acquire that knowledge? You say you will vote for McCain because Obama has fueled hate and division? Christ. On. A. Crutch! Have you even seen the ads the McCain campaign has put out? Just filled with love aren't they?

It ticks me off when people just sit there and talk about main stream media being biased to the left. Whatever...ever heard of Fox news? They are biased to the right. Get over it, puh-lease. Boo. Friggen. Hoo. It goes both ways. Media bias can not be the answer for everything. Example: When Sarah Palin looked like an idiot in the Katie Couric interview it wasn't because the media is biased. It was because of instances where she couldn't answer easy questions (one specific magazine/newspacer, etc). Had nothing to do with bias. Maybe they should have just stuck to asking her what her favorite color was.

I'm sorry. I've had a bad day today.

Comment Posted By Hugh Larious On 10.10.2008 @ 15:12



Howard said: (About Obama) "He can't be trusted ... ask Jeremiah Wright, a friend of 20 years, who Obama betrayed for personal ambition."

Howard also said: (About McCain) "He proved his love for America, as well as his honor, integrity and character, by refusing early release as a P.O.W., even while being tortured."

I agree that that act proved he was very courageous by turning down early release. But him having integrity/honor...NOW? Puh-lease! How dare you say Obama can't be trusted because he betrayed Jeremiah Wright and then praise McCain's honor, integrity and character. He (McCain) CHEATED on his wife...he then DIVORCED her and married Cindy for personal ambition/profit roughly 5 weeks after his divorce. Some integrity. Some honor. (And people, please don't quote his auto-biography where he claims it was months...go do some research.) He abandoned a crippled woman. Period.

I believe in strict guidelines for a married coupled. I do not believe a cheater deserves a second me "once a cheater always a cheater". I guess he has what he always wanted...a non-cripple rich woman. Hooray for him. Too bad the price he paid was his integrity and honor that you go on about. This isn't just against Republicans...I hold Democrats to the same standard. Bill Clinton was a cheater. John Edwards was a cheater. Second chances? Screw that. You only get one chance in better make it a good one.

@Rick Moran

Aiala said: "Actually, I think it’s more likely because 87% of FOX viewers are of the knuckledragging persuasion."

Rick Moran said: "Are you seriously suggesting that MSNBC viewers aren’t as shamelessly and stupidly partisan as you are for Obama?"

Aiala never mentioned MSNBC or Obama or the opinions of Obama supports on MSNBC. I hope Aiala would agree that MSNBC would show polls in favor of Obama (and favors Obama) but that isn't the point. The point is like I said..Aiala never mentioned MSNBC or Obama. Stop putting words in other people's mouths. Please. Pretty Please. Unless you deleted/removed some comments of Aiala's where s/he (sorry, don't know Aiala's gender) mentions MSNBC being non-biased. I understand you don't like Aiala's calling Fox viewers names...but we all know Fox is biased for McCain and MSNBC is bias for Obama. Leave the name calling out of it please. HOWEVER, I understand this is your blog and you can do what you wish on it.

You also call Aiala "stupidly partisan for Obama"...wouldn't Democrats think you are "stupidly partisan for McCain"? That's pure "Pot and the Kettle" in my opinion.

You called Aiala's comments "shallow" but I believe your rant/edit in his comment was shallow as well. Saying your cat knows more about politics? Shallow. Calling his/her analysis stupid? Shallow.

I guess it all comes down to editorial power.

Comment Posted By Hugh Larious On 3.10.2008 @ 14:37


Thankfully, if McCain becomes President, he will not ever have to meet with any foreigners or anybody with a foreign accent. So he won't have to pretend he understands what is being said and make choices based on what he thought he heard and his advisors won't have to pretend he understands either.

Comment Posted By Hugh Larious On 18.09.2008 @ 15:36

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