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Point 1: No matter which Oval Office wins this year, sovereign American individuals will be hit with a bigger Nanny State and less 'inalienable' liberty. The difference between McCain and Obama is how much liberty we lose.

Point 2: An Obama victory would sent the pachyderm punks back to the drawing board, but their likely conclusions won't mean a move to the right. Except for the 1994 anomaly, the Elephant Clan has been drifting leftward since Reagan. I suspect that a McCain loss, especially a narrow one, will make them conclude "We're moving in the proper direction, but we haven't moved far enough left, yet."

Point 3: Thanks to the stranglehold that America's cultural Marxists have on American education, a critical mass of American chad punchers view an all powerful - Socialist/neo-Marxist - Nanny State as an 'an idea whose time has come'.

Point 4: America's bold experiment in limited government and maximized liberty is as dead as its most ardent, 20th century, advocate, Barry Goldwater.


Comment Posted By Hambo On 17.09.2008 @ 14:27


No matter how diligent you are with a Clintonian word parsing, the 'let's get real' conservatism that you seem to favor still boils down to "Socialism Lite". Socialism, even Socialism Lite, under your new, properly-enlightened conservatism, is doomed to failure.

The end game is the same, no matter which brand of Socialism you choose. Eventually, there are just too damn many parasites and too few achievers to support them, bringing down the entire Socialist house of cards in a momentous implosion.

The only difference between Socialism and Socialism Lite is the time it will take for the Socialist regime to reach critical mass and collapse. If my ultimate destination is the same, no matter which path I choose, why would I opt for your scenic route (enlightened conservatism) when the direct route (voting Demoncrat) puts the American Experiment out of its misery, quickly, mercifully?

You'll probably call me a political Neanderthal but I happen to believe that the American Experiment can still work. When the dust from the collapse settles and the parasites who gnawed away America's foundations are condemned to the fate they so richly deserve, those pesky rugged American individuals will emerge to pick up the pieces. They'll dump your ‘we need to get real' conservatism into the trash heap and get back to those denigrated American basics: a limited government whose primary function is maximizing inalienable individual liberty.

It's as simple as, "If at first you don't succeed..."

Comment Posted By Hambo On 24.10.2007 @ 14:44



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