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You’re obviously too stupid to tell the difference between questioning someone’s judgment and questioning their patriotism.

You are doing both.

So Democrats question GWB going into Iraq, question what he has done there and by your reasoning, THAT is why the war has gone badly and he is undermined. Not those minor details of incompetence running this war which will cost us billions to restore our damaged military hardware and near trillion to take care of the soldiers we are damaging physically and mentally. And most certainly not his reckless disregard for the history of the region which has been at war with itself for thousands of years - and marching us in their in the first place.

No, it was the Democrats all along. Is that right?

All I’m asking is that you admit the obvious – that from day one you and your friends sought to undermine the Administration’s legitimacy.

He didn't need any help to do that.

I would have loved to see him succeed but the tragedy is, he was not interested in succeeding any other way but his own way. He took no advice and changed no course even after it was becoming glaringly obvious that one was needed. It didn't help that he surrounded himself with bobble heads that would back him and support him even over a cliff - which is where we are going now. In the end, he was out to prove himself right and everyone else wrong.

So sorry, but I don't have to admit anything. He did it to himself. No one who had been riding at 90% approval and then squanders it as entirely as he did was "undermined". He did it to himself.

I really wished his brother had president instead of him. Now that is a wish that will never happen.

Comment Posted By Halffasthero On 2.07.2007 @ 16:35

In fact, liberals are employing a strategy that attempts to obscure their stated desire that the United States lose the war while at the same time, deflecting attention from a 4 year effort to convince the American people that trying to bring democracy to Iraq was a hopeless exercise in wishful thinking and that the war has been a lost cause from the start.

Looking for liberals to blame that were hiding under the bedsheets gets very tiring. Your foray into saying "blame Bush and his people for what they should be blamed for; the incompetent prosecution of an ill-planned war..." and "I’m not ignoring the correlation between everything that has gone wrong in Iraq and a loss of will of the people to continue what by all accounts has been a botched effort to win the peace..." as a way of convincing everyone you are just a reasonable person who is calling them as you see them doesn't wash. You accuse others of being conspiracy theorists and then come out with this crap?

For your own sake, give it up.

Comment Posted By Halffasthero On 2.07.2007 @ 13:43


My husband is a Vietnam vet and is furious of the left’s defeatism.

To Karen:

Only a fool does the same thing over and over hoping for a different result. That pretty much sums up my feelings on those people your husband seems to prefer to trust. Incidentally, "the left" also includes a not very small number of people on the right. Your husband seems to be picking and choosing just exactly who is calling this war lost. I am sorry but I take comments like that personally.

Having said that, this war should have never allowed politics into it but it did - and rather shamelessly. Rick, you may not trust Democrats to do what is right but you would be entirely surprised. All it ever takes, whether you are Republican or Democrat, is a demonstration that you respect their opinion and they will take the time to hear you out and even work with you. It seems overly simple but it is beyond the abilities of most in Washington right now. To say nothing of some who post on this blog.(Kat)

Starting out a dialogue by referring to Dems as "defeatists" or "Defeatocrats" as some do only guarantees that working together becomes harder, if not impossible. 60 to 70% the people you know or meet are from a party you are not a member of. No matter where you go or what party you are in. Think about that. There will always be more of "them" than "us".

By not working with "them" and treating them like fellow Americans you are only hurting yourself. They are not the enemy, they are only at worst adversaries. So don't treat them that way. That is directed as much at myself as to anyone else.

I think that any answer to Iraq begins there.

I have nothing against Republicans. I have everything against people who play politics with peoples lives. And damn anyone who does.

Comment Posted By Halffasthero On 28.04.2007 @ 11:08


I have always loved studying the Civil War and was never aware of a lot of the politics of it. I did know that the best leaders fought in the South and that, not until Grant, did the North have someone who could win a fight. Till then they had plenty of resources to spend until they got it right, which is a luxury the South didn't have.

As for the political equivalence to today, I agree. There is no oversight here. Sooner or later the ugly truth about no oversight starts bearing ugly fruit. This whole Iraq fiasco is not something that can be wished away. Notice how they reacted to immigration as well as Iraq. They waited and waited and waited until it all became a total nigtmare before reacting. To tell you the truth, the Congress (both parties) is behaving like a bunch of "C-" average students. Doing nothing and leaving work to others before being forced to pull off a passing grade by doing an all-nighter. I think it is getting well passed the point that they all need to be thrown out.

As for not voting, that is simply not an option. Vote - but vote carefully.

Comment Posted By Halffasthero On 16.04.2006 @ 11:07



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