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I've sent liberals to your posts on 24 and at least they had the opporunity to be exposed to a different viewpoint if they checked out some of the other articles. It is always fun to see your take on the previous 24 show. I never cared for the route other bloggers took- such as Dave Barry, I think. The writers of 24 itself could have used your help in plotting some of the seasons. I hope teh show doesn't veer further to political correctness.

Too bad you couldn't have had the time or inclination to analyze a really great albeit underexposed drama like The Wire, an absolutely riveting look inside the cesspool of Baltimore city government, school, drug culture and newpapers.

You may well have also enjoyed the seven years of The Shield, which will be sorely missed by some of us. That show even managed to entice such great guest actors as Forrest Whittaker and Glenn Close for full seasons.

Comment Posted By HE HATE ME On 22.12.2008 @ 10:31


It is all about the bottom line and shareholder satisfaction.
Government caters to monopolies or near monopolies. Until recently, Florida Power & Light was pushing for a fuel cost increase on the bills. Doesn't matter if you're urban or rural, they screw you. I am unhappy with comcast high speed internet, AT&T (formerly Bell South) and the ever-increasing water bills, which are subject to a cost of living adjustment every year, on top of various other "improvements". At least the state did away with the annual car inspections. All I know is that the various utilities ignore their decaying infrastructure and wait to repair each item as it breaks down, such as when a worker told me all the lines in my phone box area were going bad.
Thank god the Obamamessiah will spend some tax money on infrastructure because we all know how well government drones work. And real nice how it takes numerous road crew workers standing around watching one or two actually do work.
Bah humbug.

Comment Posted By HE HATE ME On 6.12.2008 @ 23:36


There are tech companies out there currently doing business making coal clean. China has licensed plants to convert coal to very clean gasoline at competitive prices of $35 a barrel.

And Obama has insisted we will not import any products produced from the vast Canadian shale oil sands. So Canada says they are more than happy to export it to China.

Clueless libtards don't even want any oil exploration off-shore where in the Florida straits China working with Cuba will drill for oil, some of which will be close to Florida given the underground deposits' locations. But have no fear as I imagine that the govt. will send checks to the fortunate ones deemed too poor to make up for the doubling of price of elctricity.

Ralph Peters has a sarcastic look back at the Obama from 2012 in the NY Post. Obama shows what a great man he is by taking in most Jewish refugees after Iran nukes them and how $320 barrel oil at long last gives 3rd world countries adequate funds to improve citizens' lives there.

Even if electricity only doubles in cost one can well imagine how it would impact society. I hope there is a special place in hell for Obama, Pelosi and Reid. Thanks all you assclowns who buy into the BS. Hope the koolaid was tasty for you. And that Obama enjoys his pet poodle Chrissie matthews humping his leg.

Comment Posted By HE HATE ME On 2.11.2008 @ 17:00


Seems incredibly naive for some of the high profile so-called conservatives to hope that Obama will be a centrist. Looking at his past associations, voting record, including all those "present" in Illinois Senate so he could be a stealth candidate, why would he go against his (imo) puppet masters Soros and Daley and a Ried/Pelosi led Congress to kiss out-in-cold GOP butts? Abortion on demand, paid by the taxpayers, out of Iraq asap, the "Fairness" doctrine, Union card check off, "free" health insurance, welfare tax credits for many and so on are surely all on his agenda. Not to mention all the new proposed bureaucratic cabinet agencies that easily be facilitated. So- expanded national government along with compulsory volunteerism and a civilian brownshirt corps.

Guess we may well see a parallel in the upcoming 24 Season with a more liberal Potus. I'd have no fear if Obama were anything like the original dem potus Palmer.

Comment Posted By HE HATE ME On 25.10.2008 @ 18:38


#6 Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and supposedly there's a lid for every pot. Our host is a bit weight challenged, but at least has the admiration and adoration of his wife and cats. I thought his homage to one of the mousers who passed away was quite touching.

And I wonder what his take will be on series 24 once it restarts with a rumored far more liberal cast.

The left does not tolerate dissent or free speech nor apparently even secret elections if the union card check supported by Obama is passed. And yet apparently the ignorant masses are prepared to put a dangerously naive neophyte into the White House. God save us (Yes, I'm aware Mr. Moran is an atheist, but at least in mold of Madeline O'Hara.)

Comment Posted By HE HATE ME On 15.10.2008 @ 11:45


I believe McCain was exonerated on the Keating 5 Affair.His name was included so it would not be all dem scandal. I'd like to know about the normal people urkel and michelle associated with the past twenty years. Rezko may well be sentenced for his crimes just prior to the general election.

Perphaps the media could also look into the illegal ways the Big Zero campaign conducted themselves in primary caucuses?

For the moonbats to chew over:

Comment Posted By HE HATE ME On 22.08.2008 @ 16:31


Btw, excellent analysis today at powerline "Observations About the Economy". Liberals would be fine spending tons of money for make work jobs here, but are totally against great paying jobs created in the private sector by all the buinesses connected with domestic drilling. We could be spending some of that $700 billion shipped overseas (that filters down to aid terrorists) right here in the USA. Why are liberasl opposed to that? The neophyte cypher big ZERO (little O!bama) is talking about Big American Oil sending every citizen $1000 from oil's windfall profits. That makes so much sense to the ecomically illiterate, I guess. And Obama sure seems clueless away from his teleprompter. For example, on taxes he wants capital gains taxes sharply rising in interest of "fairness" even though it is shown that raising the rates lowers what then comes into the treasury.

Comment Posted By HE HATE ME On 2.08.2008 @ 08:38

If we were using our own oil, at least the sheiks would not be getting the money and our own workers and companies would profit from the effort to extract the oil. Why is it ok for the dem congress to call for using oil in the strategic reserve, but not on the continental shelf? You greenie weenies don't want drilling offshore here, but are fine with the commie chinese drilling in Caribbean? You boy Se. Fat Teddy doesn't want HIS view of Nantucket Sound spoiled, so his NIMBY viewpoint rules the day on opposing wind farms there.
Pelosi, Reid and Obama want $10 a gallon gas so the rest of us use less. Jane Fonda extremist helped put the kibosh on nuclear power with the propagandist movie The China Syndrome and yet nuke power is fine by the French.
There are at least 1 TRILLION barrels of oil locked up in oil shale in the Rocky Mountain west, which is as much as all the oil used since discovery in Pa. in 1859 and you AGW fanatics are opposed to using it. Give me a break- who here has their heads up their butts??

Comment Posted By HE HATE ME On 2.08.2008 @ 08:17


I didn't follow Obamalamadingdong's US Senate race at the point that Alan Keys became his opponent. Ok, Keys was deemed a carpetbagger. I guess the dems portrayed Alan as an Uncle Tom or Oreo?

I'd never vote for the charlatan Obambi and don't care if the moonbats consider that racist. Whatever his color or sexual preference he rots on so many levels. I don't see why media fears racism charges. Of course they are already head over heels in lust with Urkel. Hopefully the privacy of the ballot box will have thinking people judge this corrupt clown for what he really is.

Comment Posted By HE HATE ME On 21.06.2008 @ 14:19


Just lovely- "succeeding in politics by PRETENDING to renounce
politics. Even Bill Clinton wasn't smart enough to succeed in politics by pretending to renounce it."

NYTimes David Brooks opines about the two Obamas- Doctor Barack and Fast Eddie Obama. The Chicago way triumphs. Wake up America. On the other hand, if the masses buy into what Olberdouche, Chrissie "my pecker gets hard for Obama" Matthews, Jon Stewart and other elite media worshippers of B. Hussein spew, then let them live with the consequences.

Comment Posted By HE HATE ME On 20.06.2008 @ 17:59

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