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Gitmo Job Corps.

Comment Posted By Guesst On 18.12.2009 @ 06:31


The same sort of cultish behavior has taken over Free Republic also. It's so bad the owner is writing "eff you" rants at anyone who doesn't fall into line in support of Palin. He is running anti/Romney ads at the top of every thread, because they fear Romney will keep Palin from running.

Those idiots don't understand that Palin's been signaling for months that she is content being a private citizen, multimillionaire author/tourist.

I think a lot of people also forget that her supporters are NOT Republican voters anyway. They are disgruntled third-party people who are good at making waves, but most likely don't even vote.

Comment Posted By Guesst On 5.12.2009 @ 23:19


How does my district get off the teabagger intervention list for 2010?

We've got a Republican in office now, so the last thing we need are the tb's showing up to assist with a 'win'.

Comment Posted By Guesst On 4.11.2009 @ 20:54



At the end of the day, what appears is that Mr. Libby's story that he was at the tail end of a chain of phone calls, passing on from one reporter what he heard from another, was not true.

It was false. He was at the beginning of the chain of phone calls, the first official to disclose this information outside the government to a reporter. And then he lied about it afterwards, under oath and repeatedly.

Libby, Miller = June 2003
Armitage, Novak = July 2003

Libby may have been the first to disclose Plame outside the goverment to a reporter, but it was Armitage that caused the breach in national security and Plame's outing.

Comment Posted By Guesst On 2.09.2006 @ 00:52

Fitzgerald: It's alleged in the indictment that on June 14th of 2003, a full month before Mr. Novak's column, Mr. Libby discussed it in a conversation with a CIA briefer in which he [Libby] was complaining to the CIA briefer his belief that the CIA was leaking information about something or making critical comments, and he brought up Joe Wilson and Valerie Wilson

No wonder, knowing what we know now.

Comment Posted By Guesst On 2.09.2006 @ 00:49

Read Fitzgerald's remarks from October 2005, the day Libby was indicted.

We have a prosecutor who basically lied to the public by
making statements about Libby's guilt, knowing the leak was someone else.

A prosecutor who accepted the premise that "national security" was in play-- (was it in play? How?)

a guy who accepted every leftist assertion put out there--who accepted that Plame was OUTED-----

who accepted that Plame was compromised to punish Wilson-----(proof please, Fitzgerald)

and who indicted a man and then MADE PUBLIC REMARKS about his being THE LEAK--knowing it wasn't him who leaked.

Comment Posted By Guesst On 2.09.2006 @ 00:30



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