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In a certain respect the details of his crime do not even matter. The fact is that in order to maintain civil society we must have the rule of law. This man broke that law and was accordingly found guilty; that ruling was upheld through several appeals. .

If you disagree with the death penalty it is a legislative matter and you should vote for anti-death penalty candidates.

If you break a law you must be willing you take the chance that you will be caught and held to whatever laws on are the books, whether or not you think those laws are just. I don't think marijuana should be illegal for example, but I never smoke it because I don't want to be on the business end of the criminal justice system.

Tookie broke the law in a state in which the death penalty would be a possible sentence for his crime.

If you don't like the death penalty protest the death penalty; don't protest in favor of giving one man a special exemption just becuase he is friends with celebrities and writes books.

If there were to be a Constitutional amendment against the death penalty tomorrow, strictly speaking, it should apply to those comitting crimes from here on out and the sentences that were handed before that law went into place should still be carried out.

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