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I sincerely hope the Fred surge is working, and that he will prevail as the GOP nominee.

The MSM has, until this point, pretty much ignored him, because he isn't:

1) A MSM 'maverick' (McCain).
2) A MSM 'come from behind' (Huckabee).
3) A MSM 'match up' (Guiliani).
4) A MSM 'what the hell happened? (Romney).

As a conservative, I want substance, not symbolism...I want red meat, not tofu...I want well thought out positions on the issues that affect us as a country.

To me, the choice is very clear as to who the GOP nominee should be.

Comment Posted By Gothguy On 14.01.2008 @ 18:54


"Kinda sad to think that there was nothing to look forward to for future generations but war. :("


As a veteran, and one whose relatives have fought for this Country since World War I, after immigrating from Europe at the turn of the previous century, I must admit that that is the most ignorant statement I have come across in years.

As Rick pointedly wrote, one cannot ascertain what the future holds...having served from 1980 until 1990, I could not have predicted the conflict in Lebanon, Panama, Grenada, or the beginning of the Persian Gulf War for that matter.

Regrettably, you are looking at this through the knowledge of hindsight, which is a very dangerous thing to do. By doing so, you do not honor those who have served in the past, and also through a perceived foresight on your part, you denigrate those who may serve in the future.

Both perceptions are abhorrent.

Comment Posted By Gothguy On 11.11.2007 @ 19:49



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