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I see you could use some how to win friends and influence people lessons from Dale Carnegie. Keep on flaming, keep on ridiculing, and promoting your desire to dominate and permeate your rhetoric onto everyone regardless if they want you to or not. Never listen to others as they might disagree with your assessment of what you deem is right. Never ever give them a break as it would show weakness on your part. I can only hope that you don't have children to inflict your hateful and demeaning ways upon. Grow up and maybe you can have a meaningful discussion of the facts. I did not come here to instigate, I came here to learn what others who believe differently from myself have to say and what I got from you super chickenhawk, was nothing but spiteful rhetoric and disgusting disrespect. Good day to you sir, I hope you find what you seek.

Comment Posted By Ghostdancers_way On 16.05.2005 @ 16:59

flame that seems to be what neocons do best, did I attack you or My country, did I call you stupid or idiotic. I posted comments to try to get some meaningful information to expand my own knowledge, what I get is a flame and abuse, seems like Bolton is alive and well in this arena too. Thanks for not informing me of your conclusions.

Comment Posted By Ghostdancers_way On 16.05.2005 @ 16:40

So we should have all MSM not report what actually is happening, we should rely only on what the government wants us to know. That way we will be fully (sic) informed and only the good news will come our way. A little utiopian for my taste. Even if Newsweek did get poor information, is there anyone here who has not made a mistake, other than President Bush that is. In light of all the recent unearthing of generous amounts of violations of the Geneva Convention, the total lack of Judiciary access for anyone not a US citizen ( still US citizens held without due process), is it any wonder that people believe that US troops are in fact doing many of the things that they are alleging. I can only hope that reason will soon return to my country and government soon.

Comment Posted By Ghostdancers_way On 16.05.2005 @ 14:34



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