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I disagree with Frum. We have been creeping toward socialism since FDR; it's called incrementalism. So what that the left has so far played by the rules and relinquished power when they have been voted out. Levin's book is correct. His thesis is that the limousine left wants to install a new elite, the governing class, and concentrate all power, political and economic, among themselves. They will then treat the rest of us as children, and provide for our every need. The problem with this bargain is that the governed trade their freedom for promised cradle to grave security. Eventually all creativity is stifled, it becomes impossible to play the game anymore and there won't be any transfer of power. The public will have become too dependent on their masters, and lack the initiative or power to act independently or self-responsibly. That is what Levin calls a soft tyranny. Contrary to what Frum says, awareness of this trend and the leftist goal did not spring out of thin air when Obama was elected. It just became emergent then - we now have the most inexperienced and leftist president in our entire history, congress is in the hands of idiots and nuts who don't think it is important to read, much less understand, legislation (or perhaps they understand all they need to - if passed more power will be concentrated in them).

As to Levin's radio presona, I agree with some of what "John" has to say. Levin does himself a disservice with his rants and provides ammunition to his enemies. Nonetheless, we all have our flaws, he is a brilliant thinker, and his book is "spot on."

Comment Posted By george andersen On 30.07.2009 @ 00:13


Santelli's rant really struck a chord with me when I saw it, as it did with many others. I immediately went to the web to see if a July protest was, in fact, being publicized for Chicago. Within 24 hours I started to see websites spring up. My initial reaction to these disparate and uncoordinated efforts was fear that the effect of a single, well organized protest would be diluted. I guess it has to some extent, but on the other hand, these many efforts just may be the seed of something big. It has, after all, only been five weeks (five very busy weeks) since the Obama regime came to full power, and full realization of the "change" about to sweep America has yet to occur among the many who will be adversely affected. I still have hope that the July protests will be big and send a loud message. They are planned for the 4th, when most of us don't have to work and have an extended weekend. I live in California but still hope it will be worth my while to go to Chicago for the granddaddy of all of these protests.

Naysaying is premature, and may you rot in hell for it.

Comment Posted By George Andersen On 28.02.2009 @ 23:23



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