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I don't know that race is that much of a factor to a lot of Republicans. I would be interested to see a socio-economic breakdown of those who agree with the birthers. My guess is that most are lower-income and lack higher education. The birthers attract a following by playing on the fears the far-right pundits have created. I constantly hear statements from the right that the President is "destroying our country", and "turning us into Russia". Once people start to believe that Mr. Obama has malicious intent, it does not take much to convince them that he is a foreigner that has illegally seized office.
If both sides could stick to an objective set of facts and focus more on solutions than "winning", we'd all be better off.

Comment Posted By Geoff On 20.08.2009 @ 13:12


The main fallacy in your argument is that under the bill as currently written, living wills are not compulsory. No one would be required to get counseling for a living will. The requirement specified in the bill is that Medicare would be required to reimburse the doctor for the counseling session once every five years. There is nothing in the bill that requires seniors to attend such a counseling session, only that IF they choose to, it is covered by insurance.

Comment Posted By Geoff On 20.08.2009 @ 12:56


When Zawahiri gave his high-five to democrats in yesterday's threat video, he forgot to acknowledge the fine support he gets from the losertarian right wing.

Terrorists deserve tax cuts too!

Comment Posted By geoff On 21.12.2006 @ 21:48


Having been born, raised, and now back living in Battle Creek Michigan, home of Fort Custer, I've enjoyed over the years reading the many stories and accounts of the "Last Stand" Thank you for this post on it.

Comment Posted By Geoff On 25.06.2006 @ 12:30


Since the show takes place over a 24 hour period this limits the locations that can be used during the show. Unless Jack escapes or is rescued from the ship at the beginning of next season then the show could take place in China. In that case I would speculate (and likely be wrong as usual)that the Chinese will be hit with a terror situation and will have to have Jack's assistance. This would open up many new locations by taking the story away from the Southern California area. Maybe an extra on the 5th season DVD set will give a clue.

Comment Posted By Geoff On 24.05.2006 @ 08:48

24 TILL "24"

With a few minutes to go till the season ending episodes, a couple of things.
Mr. Big and company will survive and continue next season where we will find more layers to the onion.
Henderson's comment "They can touch you" will mean after Logan is brought down and Mr.Bigs plans fail he will order Kim's death. This will set Jack up for next season where he will be like the James Caan character at the end of the movie "Theif", Taking down the organization that took from him everything he loved.

Comment Posted By Geoff On 22.05.2006 @ 18:59

President Logan will be killed by Wayne Palmer.
Martha will be fine.
Henderson killed by Jack.
Jack and Audrey together until next season when who knows.

Of course I fully expect to be wrong about all of these because the writers have always suprised me. I do know that much mayhem and destruction will ensue

Comment Posted By Geoff On 21.05.2006 @ 17:00


The CIA was created in the wake of WWII to fight the Cold War. The main enemy was the USSR. Because of the overwhelming threat posed by nuclear war with the USSR we accepted as allies many governments that were thugs but were "our thugs". People in our government (CIA, State Dept., Defense Dept.) who worked for many years with leaders of these thug governments could come to like them, and in turf wars would push the interests of those leaders as being in the best interest of the USA. This is only natural. With the fall of the USSR in 1989 the whole mission of the CIA collapsed. The only mission left would be defending the interests of the foreign leaders that had become personal friends to factions within the agencies. 9/11 and the WOT changed things but the agencies didn't change. This new main enemy (radical islamic terrorism) means a new alignment of nations. A new alignment of allies and enemy supporters. As with the end of WWII and the start of the Cold War there will have to be a change in the agencies that are tasked with fighting this war. Rumsfeld is doing this at Defense. It is Rice's "Job One" at State. Those being long standing departments, they will have to be changed internally. The CIA having been a creation of the Cold War will be dissolved and it's usable parts will be made part of an organization designed to fight this new long war. The DNI looks to be where that new organization will be founded.

Comment Posted By Geoff On 6.05.2006 @ 13:17

This from a Time piece quoted over at Belmont Club,
"In a speech in San Antonio last week, Negroponte's top deputy, Michael Hayden, declared that an office largely under Negroponte's control — the National Counterterrorism Center, or NCTC — was now in charge of dictating the role other agencies will play in terror analysis.",
Makes me suspect that fantasy and fact may soon blend.
If the NCTC ever takes control of the operational side of the terrorism war along with the terror analysis it will be what the fictional CTU is in 24.

Comment Posted By Geoff On 6.05.2006 @ 11:18


One thing I've thought about but not seen discussed (that doesn't mean it hasn't been) is that although 24 is shown in real time, unless you do a DVD marathon, it is viewed in slow-motion. 1/168th speed to be exact. This means that events that happen only hours ago from the characters POV, happen months ago from the viewers POV. I bring this up because it still bothers me that just before Henderson first tried to kill Jack he talked to a woman on the phone. Telling her that Jack had been taken care of. Now that we have seen Henderson always talking to Logan I wonder who was the woman he talked with back then. I believe the writers have as many surpises in still store for us this year as they did in the 1st season.

Comment Posted By Geoff On 3.05.2006 @ 13:28

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