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and another thing...can you tell m why Bush would pick the new Sect.of Defense he did ? What does this tell you of his judgment ? Did you hear the man's confirmation hearing. Was this guy recommended by Bush Sr. too ? I guess Bush knows he has f*cked up and is now gathering around himself men who will beat the drum to retreat, appease etc. And Bush will say "after consideration of the wisdom of these advisors I will follow their lead..." he needs a way out and they have provided the cover for him.

Comment Posted By General Grevious On 6.12.2006 @ 21:49

I cannot begin to image the outrage moms and dads,brothers and sisters,wives and husbands who have lost thier loved ones in this "war" will now feel. Can you imagine if your only son died for this...for what ? And would you want your son going over there now, knowing he may die for this ? Bush and his admin. had a complete lack of understanding of Islam and the Middle East. And truth be told we should have stayed out of Iraq (we have only nade Iran teh strong man in the region now) and saved our resources (including US servicemen)for a confrontation with Iran, all along THEY have been the bigger danger then Saddam. But Bush in his pride just had to try and do what his daddy didn't finish and look what it has wrought. We will end up selling out Israel and anyone else who thought we actually stood for something. We stand for nothing anymore ! Sorry fellow Americans but the glory days of the United States are well behind her, get used to it, this is our future. I used to support Bush and defend him when my leftist coworkers berailed him as an idiot, I'm not so sure now they were far off. Idiot or deceived, neither is forgivable.

Comment Posted By General Grevious On 6.12.2006 @ 21:42



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