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CatM, it's not the Republicans,per se. If you were to sit down,face-to-face, I think you'd find you had some conservative beliefs, and they had some liberal beliefs; and that-all things considered,there really wasn't that much difference in your viewpoints.

The "new conservatives" represent 8-10% of the Republican party, but insist the party should get in step with them - instead of the reverse.
They are , in a word, NOT conservatives, but RADICALS; and, from what I've seen of some of them over the years, all they really need is some nice brown shirts, arm bands, and truncheons.(Oops ! I forgot to mention bibles.)

Comment Posted By Gene Finneran On 20.07.2009 @ 20:31

Just for fun, this is how I signed out (assuming they haven't pulled the thread).

Comment Posted By Gene Finneran On 19.07.2009 @ 12:34

Excellent to outstanding post !!

I just signed myself out of FR yesterday - after debating the matter for a few months. (There was the matter of their tacit support of the "birthers", their tendency to pile on anyone who disagreed with their increasingly fascist cant,and the never-ending deluge of disinformation from obvious corporate shills,etc., etc.)

When the site tried to spin a blatantly racist attack on Obama's daughter,I was disgusted; but when Jim Robinson finally jumped the shark, I had had enough.

Comment Posted By Gene Finneran On 19.07.2009 @ 12:11



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