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I am also hearkening back to the hearings for Judge Alito. Remember the ourtrage and the breastbeating on the right at how much Mrs. Alito suffered at the hands of the Democratic Senators who were questioning Sam Alito.

Oh, yeah, right. I forgot, Republicans are only outraged when someone they like is insulted or attacked.


Comment Posted By GSD On 7.06.2006 @ 20:43

I think Ann Coulter is the perfect spokesperson for the new Republican Party. The Party that wants all the credit and none of the blame. Just like their leader, The Decider, he wants all of the credit and none of the blame. You see he is fighting the war on terror....Even though the worst terrorist attack in the nation happened on his watch. And since then the US was attacked by the anthrax terrorist who killed 5 Americans and sickened 22.....But as long as you listen to George, he'll say we haven't been attacked..See all the glory, non of the blame.

Take an honest look at Ann.

Ann is a 40 something, childless and unmarried woman who is a lawyer. Why don't conservatives attack her for not fulfilling her womanly obligations according to God's law? Is there something wrong with her? Why is she so angry at the widows? Perhaps it is merely envy at the fact that they were married and had families and Ann is jealous because she is single and childless and obviously a very sad and angry human. Come on, I am just engaging in some Coulteresque speculation on her mind...just as she sees fit to analyze the widows.

The Republican Party is becoming a sad caricature at the hands of Coulter and her like minded narrow minded friendly fascists who believe that to be an American one must be a Christian, a Republican and a supporter of George W. Bush.....Such a narrow construct leaves the true America ideal, as pushed by Coulter, to be that 29% to 33% percent of those who still trust and believe George W. Bush is an honest man and a great leader.

So enjoy your Rush Limbaughs and Ann Coulters and Reverend Pat Robertsons and Reverend Fred Phelps. They are your America.


Comment Posted By GSD On 7.06.2006 @ 20:37



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