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Sorry, should've said "opposition to this war is built on several undying memes."

Comment Posted By G Wiz On 28.08.2005 @ 18:51

"The question that really matters is how many Americans want to cut and run from Iraq – the position being advocated by Cindy Sheehan."

That is really the crux of the argument. The Leftist's canned response to this - which I've heard parroted about a dozen times in the past week - is that 'even though there are not large physical numbers of protesters in Crawford (or anywhere else for that matter) the polls show the majority are "in agreement with her"'. Well, that is obviously a load of BS, as you pointed out, because they are talking about two different things: Bush's handling of the war, vs. pulling troops out now. The media never hype the low percentage who want to stay and finish the job. That is no big suprise, but this White House PR team is putrid and helpless, and probably wont make the difference very stronly either.

This administration needs to recognize that this is a PR war as much anything else, and while we may be winning on the ground in Iraq, we are losing the PR battle here at home. This war is built on several undying memes that the GOP fail to address; things like "Bush said there was a link to 911" - never happened - "Liberation was a fall back reason" - not the truth - "Saddam had no links to terror" - laugable false, etc. etc. etc. The Republican Party needs to get on the same page and stop sheepishly accepting these bogus memes. Unfortunately I doubt they will learn their lesson and this dropping support will continue.

Comment Posted By G Wiz On 28.08.2005 @ 18:48



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