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I haven't read writing this crystalline clear and penetratingly erudite since, well...I'm going to have to go back to my friends autistic three-year old brush with a pack of crayons and the back of a Bennigans childrens menu. And I say this as a (to mirror your love of cliche) dyed-in-the-wool White Sox fan. Just a hint here Mr. Lardner-sentences with more than three clauses strung together usually digest a bit easier with commas somehwere in the sentence. I would also try to avoid mixing metaphors like drinks at Bush's favorite bar.

I will give you this: as an obvious fan of pResident Dumbass it is clear your English skills transcend the man who who wrangles with sentences like Barney sprawled out on the tarmac or a drunk on a mountain bike. 'Is our children learning' he once famously asked. I'll read your next tome and see.

Comment Posted By Frank Thomas On 8.10.2005 @ 16:18



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