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Formalua For Republican Victory This Fall.
Win the war.
Don't whine. Do it. Bush has been given everything in manpower, money, resources that he has been asked for. Blaming the media, This war has lasted longer than WW 2 and unlike Pearl Harbor we started things as an undisputed superpower with a balanced budget and global sympathy.
Revisionist Republicans gloss over there was very wide support on the left for invading Afganistan except for the tiny faction of pacifists. We entered Afghanistan with international support and have France, Germany and Canada sending troops. Instead of finishing the war in Afghanistan Bush went on to Iraq claiming WMD and comparing Sadam to Hitler when Mussolini would be a better example (evil but incompedent). Benito was a military genius compared to Sadam since he was at least able to sucessfully invade Albania and Ethiopia while Sadam has never sucessfully attacked anyone. Le'ts review despite warnings from General Eric Shinseki, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, we occupied Iraq with insufficient troops.
Bush might argue that he only does what his generals ask but where were the additional troops Shinseki asked for (around 200,000 troops as I recall a total we have never reached and this was stated before the insurrection gathered steam) Does anyone believe American military officers stated to the Whitehouse please don't let us shoot looters, let people ransack hospitals, power plants that is a really good good security environment?
Bush has created and there is no easy answer and there may be no answer very paltible. If the Democrats have been called cut and run, the Republican (Bush wing) idea is to have American troops running laps in a mine field. We have trained 350,000 Iraqi military and police yet the security situation is worse and if you look at some of the pics of the dead you will see plastic hand cuffs, the hallmark of security forces. What military function do American forces perform except to prop up an inefficient, corrupt regime till Bush can leave office. I am a Democrat but I did take Bush at his word when we invaded Iraq. I felt no president would lie when American lives were at stake and many Democrats in the congress supported this war despite reservations. Whether by accident or design, Bush & Co. bungled the intelligence and still claims this was the right thing to do regardless of the facts. I could accept a mistake being made and having to recover, but Bush never admits a mistake. Bush's war plan was to attack the one country in the Axis of Evil, (Iraq, Iran and North Korea) that had no functioning nuclear plan though if sanctions had been allowed to lapse Saddam would doubtless try to rebuild his nuclear program but it would take years to bring it back to previous levels let alone move forward. Meanwhile Iran is moving forward on it's nuclear plans and North Korea has succeeded largely untouched. Bush has made Iran far stronger by destroying their regional adversay Saddam and leaving their fellow Shiites in control of most if not all Iraq converting an enemy state into at least a buffer or eventual ally.
Democrats don't have all the answers though they have proposed INCREASING the army by 40,000 and doubling special forces. The Republicans best future lies past George Bush, not in being a pale echo of the Democrats or having the Democrats as a demonized straw man. Republicans future lies as a conservative party that doesn't forget moderates and independents. Reflexive protection of the President doesn't do any good. Republicans are going to have to make up their minds if they want a true national security partner or to use the war on terror to demonize their politicals rivals.

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Shouldn't we use all the tools we have available. TheD emocrats aren't the first to politicize stem cell research,Republicans opposed it they are doing it to please their constituents. Republicans arne't opposed to politicizing stem cell research only when it is turning out to be a losing issue. Indeed life long Republicans and pro lifers like former Mo. Senator John Danforth and Nancy Reagan have supported stem cell research. If there are cures I would support those morally opposed to not be treated. How could Michael Fox been deceptive anyway? He has a progressive neurological disease that while going up and down has a down ward trend and the commerical depicts the consequences of Parkinson. Whether on that particular day MJF did or didn't take medication the future for him is grim and the commericial depicts that. Limbaugh is no expert in Parkinson's and even if he was, he has no access to MJF's medical records or given him an exam. He in essence attempted to diagnose Fox's medical condition and the state of his medication by long distance. I've yet to see a medical professional describe MJF as faking or displaying anything that is outside the range of normal behavior for Parkinson's at this stage. All Limbaugh can say is Fox might be tinkering with his meds, but he has no evidence.In a debate about scientic research No one promises a cure from stem cell research and eventually if there are no benfits to stem cell research the point will be mute. Most of the embryonic material is taken from "leftover" fetuses from fertility treatments and are the property of the patients to implant, donate or destroy as they see fit. If they chose not to donate their material for research as far as I know they can be made to donate it. If on the other had they want to destroy it there is no law currently to stop it. Limbaugh is a convicted drug addict that never learned humility. I don't dislike him for being conservative, conservatives do have points. He is a thug who argues no moral, intelligent person can ever oppose conservatism. There is always some flaw in liberal critics according to Limbaugh. I can accept someone liking conservative philosophy but a conservative should admit the possibility of dumb chance liberals would have to be right sometime. Nor does he speak for all conservatives let alone independts and liberals.

Comment Posted By Franco On 27.10.2006 @ 04:07



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