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Also, with regard to singling out the banks as recipients of subsidy, this is a function of Paul's criticism of the Federal Reserve system.

I do not agree with all aspects of Paul's currency policy and the related claims that he makes about the Fed, but the existence of the Federal Reserve is effectively a subsidy. The Fed gets to print money and lend it to member banks at a rate they alone determine. The difference between the system liquidity that would exist in the absence of a Fed and the liquidity that exists as a result of the Fed's privileges is a fairly large subsidy, since it directly impacts the cost of interbank credit.

Comment Posted By Fluffy On 1.11.2007 @ 08:46

Your entire piece can be dismissed out of hand based on your comment about Frank Luntz [please learn how to spell his name] alone.

You can't do a focus group by "accepted scientific methods". It's a dog and pony show by definition. With a group that small, the selection process for the participants defines the outcome. Frank Luntz, a prominent Giuliani supporter who is quoted in this week's Time as wanting to drive Paul supporters out of the Republican party before they spread like "crabgrass", got to hand-pick the people who made up the focus group, and picked a collection of self-admitted members.

It would be helpful if you knew what you were talking about.

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That's funny, the 9/11 Commission's conclusion on the motivation for the attacks on 9/11 is the same as Paul's. Practically word for word.

But I guess expecting Guiliani to have actually read the report is asking too much, since he's got that busy schedule of lobbying for corrupt companies and looking for jobs for Bernie Kerik.

Comment Posted By Fluffy On 16.05.2007 @ 10:19



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