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Wow Rick, I thought Crapture's post was damn flippin funny. "......waves of exploding, gay Mexicans over our borders....teach evolution to our embryos...". That's good stuff. Myself, I kept waiting for Santorum to propose giving the vote to fetuses.

But what the hell. We got tired of conservatives and Bush supporters calling us terrorist appeasers. Your side has made a mess of my country. You deserve to have your influence diminished and your party out of power. Nothing has been more stunning in politics than the hypocrisy of the new century conservative except the cut and run liberals who now have the power. You just wait. Once we get rolling, America is going to wish that the GOP still had the Congress. And al-Qaeda, bless 'em, will pray to Allah 5 times a day, thanking him for giving Democrats a say in national security matters in the United States.

Comment Posted By Far North On 10.11.2006 @ 03:19



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