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It's not that the voters don't care about Ayers, it's that they don't know about Ayers. I think that's going to change over the next 4 weeks. McCain needs to keep hammering the Ayers relationship, and the fact that the Democrats are responsible for the financial mess we're in now. A month is plenty of time to do a lot of damage to Obama. If McCain can get Obama's negatives up about 5 points he can still pull this out on Election Day.

Comment Posted By EyeDoc On 7.10.2008 @ 09:17


I think MN and WI are very possible for McCain to win. Kerry barely won both, and McCain has a legitimate claim to being a maverick and a reformer that Obama does not. Obama will run worse than Kerry in many demographic groups so the question is whether he'll run better than Kerry with young voters, academics and blacks to make up for it, and I think the answer is no.

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