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Fair enough. But I will choose to protest the D's a little later then 2 months into the new administration. C'mon, we gave W 6 years with no protests, but were 2 months in now and the streets are on fire? Gimme a break. This reminds me of the left going nuts after the 2000 election.

Pretty sorry all around.

Comment Posted By Evan Lee On 16.04.2009 @ 15:58

Stacey, your right, I was not there. Frankly, I wouldn't be caught dead at my local Tea Party.

Show me 10 Tea Parties nationwide where no politician was allowed to speak. In Atlanta, where I live, there were 4 speakers that were elected by the people and 7 talk show hosts, including Hannity (whom I remember from when I worked with him @ WGST )..IMHO this is exactly what is wrong with the whole setup.

1: the timing is terrible. The time to do this protest would be NEXT April 15th, or last November, or LAST April 15th. By next year, the administration will have had enough rope,but to mass a protest 2 months after a historic election only gives the people who would have objectively looked at the issues ammo to 'marginalize' and 'disregard' the opinion. Plus, I'm gonna go on record right now and say if McCain had won, and he was doing some of the similar things (bailouts,illegal votegrab,global warming, taxes, etc...) I know there would be protests, but it would have looked alot more like the little one's they had in Feb and March.Let's try to be honest here.

2:There should be NO politicians OR talk radio hosts 'speaking' at the rally.You cannot have an effective populist movement sullied by these creeps. History proves this out. By linking with these guys at this time, it's no wonder that the only positive press is coming from the usual suspects.

3: it's kind of a cop out. "Yay! I made a difference! I really accomplished something! I took my 2 year old to a rally!" .Really? Think of all the resources that went into all the various TP's: all the security, the sound systems, the parking, everything and imagine that $$$ and effort being used for local political races ( of the 3rd party variety )and now your talking. For all the sound and fury, alot of speeches were made and alot of disenfranchised folks got to have a little get together, but nothing got accomplished of real worth. Those politicians and talk show hosts that spoke will turn right around now and kick us in the teeth: guaranteed. Nobodies getting 'thrown/voted' out, the proof is the amount of politicians being able to jump onto this bandwagon. Go look at the AP reports. Every douchbag 'Joe the Plumber' or 'Represenative Schmoe from the Crap District' cant wait to hitch thier wagons to the new 'movement'.

4: we had all 3 branches of Govt and the White House for 6 years after 9-11, and none of us stood up until we lose an election, then were massing in the streets. Sorry, bad timing, poor veting, and I wouldn't call it a 'waste' but lets all stop trying to kid ourselves and think these Tea Parties mean a hill of beans.

Comment Posted By Evan Lee On 16.04.2009 @ 13:46

As a fellow conservative, I am embarrased by the tea parties.

We had 6 years to 'protest' but we waited until this year on Apr15th to do it? Really? Why not have these protests last October/Nov when the first TARP went out? Because we were fighting for election, that's why.

To do it now looks foolish. It weakens the message. We should have done this years ago, and since we did not, then we should not have attempted this until NEXT year, since the new Admin barely has thier feet wet. It's not going to make a difference with the new Congress, and we should have let them hang themselves before we asked for the noose. It smacks of poor sportmanship, IMHO.

BTW, I love how Beck suddenly loves Ron Paul and calls himself a Libertarian. Really? The same guy that wouldn't give him 'fair' airtime last fall? I remember him rolling his eyes and calloing Dr Paul a nutjob: now, he's his new best friend. Ugghhh.

Comment Posted By Evan Lee On 16.04.2009 @ 10:04



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