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Why does it so mortally offend and outrage pure evolutionists that someone might believe that God used evolution to create life and manipulate to varying degrees its outcome?
The amount of insult and vitriol I have read on the internet about this is amazing. ID is simply a way for religious people to come to grips with the evidence for evolution. It is not simply enough for people ike you to say, "Look, we shouldn't teach this in school." Nope, you have to spend a great deal of breath humiliating and insulting those you disagree with.
You are arrogant.
I do not care one whit for what is taught in our public schools regarding evolution. The idea that understanding evolution is crucial to humanity is laughable. Oh, hoe did we survive as a species for thousands of years without the guiding hand of the Theory of Evolution. (and no, I am making no arguement about the fact or unfact of evolution by using the word, theory)
People will come to their own conclusions about things regardless of what some textbook says in elementary/Jr. High/ High School. I did. I understood that most of the stuff I was taught in high school was crap, I understood it when I was going and so did most of my friends. I was an evolutionist going to a private Christian school. . .but they only taught me creationism!!!!!!!! By your thinking I should be firmly convinced the Earth popped into existence in 7, 24 hour days about 6000 years ago. Hmm, I'm not.

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