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After reading the comments posted in regards to Mr. Moran's criticism of Ms. Coulter, I was initially struck by the particularly poor writing skills evinced by so many of those posting. I imagined that perhaps I was simply picking nits, obsessed with spelling mistakes. However, the problem (implying only one is an act of charity on my part) doesn't seem to be simply a question of hastily composed responses that would justify some measure of sloppiness. No, instead there are any number of basic grammatical and syntax errors that so hound the writers that attempting to fully divine what it is that they hope to convey becomes almost impossible. Coming to terms with why it is that Ms. Coulter was or was not correct to imply that 9/11 widows who do not support w. deserve ill will seems to have drained the mental abilities of those in question. Just as presidentin' is "hard work," so is the act of writing for the purpose of persuasion or argument. Such efforts usually succeed when undertaken in a fashion that is both clear and coherent. In contrast, they usually fail when commandeered by those on the fringes.

All things considered, I found the comments quaint: a quasi-remedial writing seminar for angry people who feel homosexuals and Mexicans are -- in part -- responsible for our nation's current failure to cure Iraq. As for Ms. Coulter, she is an awful bitch deserving of all the calumny and vicious hatred that one could manage to mete out.

Comment Posted By Ernie On 7.06.2006 @ 20:10



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