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Thank you for this post. But for the record, it was "publius" that was outed, not Hilzoy. Both blog at Obsidian Wings, as do I.

Damn - talk about being a jamoke. I will correct, thanks.


Comment Posted By Eric Martin On 7.06.2009 @ 10:16


Interesting Rick. In a post in which you chide Olbermann for making sweeping statements with little evidence, employing coarse and inapprorpriate rhetoric for using the term "monkey" (inappropriate in my opinion as well I should add) and a generally partisan and inflammatory tone, you write the following passages seemingly unaware of the contradiction and double standard:

In fact, it is eerie how like a liberal blog his show has become; wildly accusatory with no evidence to back up outrageous charges; sophomoric flights of logic and reason; an unhinged whining that causes the viewer to actually recoil in disgust at some of the self-pitying “woe is us” rhetoric; and a breathtaking shallowness that outlaws context and substitutes emotion for rational thought....

Logical thought to a lefty is like anti-matter. When it comes in contact with the muddled gray stuff in their confused, limited, and emotionally charged cranium, the two forces annihilate each other thus causing a rupture in the space-time continuum. Thankfully, there isn’t much chance of swaying a liberal with logic so we’re safe for the time being.....

Only in Olberman’s hysterically juvenile fantasies (and those of his slavering supporters in the lefty blogosphere)...

But I have no doubt he will be handsomely rewarded by the netnuts who luxuriate in his laughable attempts at profundity while egging him on to ever greater heights of irrelevancy...

Was that self parody intentional?

Comment Posted By Eric Martin On 26.09.2006 @ 13:51



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