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Steve M: Reminds me of a joke that has been going around these last few months:

Q) What do Gerald Ford and George W. Bush have in common?

A) They are both Republicans, both came to office under "special circumstances," they're both dumber than a a pair of socks, and they oversaw America's only two military defeats.

Comment Posted By Elizabeth Brown On 5.03.2006 @ 10:53

We will be hearing about possible troop removals from Iraq right up until the dismal Bush administration breathes its last fetid breath and slinks from office. But these redeployments will never seem to happen. Each prediction of troops being removed from Iraq will inevitably be followed by accounts of "upticks in violence" that will require a delay in troop departures.

The whole "troop removal" deal is obviously a shuck. It helps to create the impression that our involvement there could be coming to an end, thereby allaying some of the anxiety many feel over the unnecessary death and expenditure of this insane venture.

Of course, and as anyone with a real understanding of our situation there knows, removal of our troops is a military and geopolitical impossibility. To do so would be to leave a vacuum that would be rapidly filled by Iran. Should our troops be taken from Iraq among the firtst things the pro-Tehran govt in Baghdad will do is ask for assistance from Iran in dealing with its insurgency. Something their shi'ite brethren in Tehran will be more than glad to provide.

And who knows, perhaps they'll bring their nukes with them. That way Iraq will finally actually have those WMD you've heard so much about. A little after the fact, however.

In short Rick, its propaganda. You really need not worry about our troops being removed from iraq. We're going to be stuck there for decades.

Comment Posted By Elizabeth Brown On 5.03.2006 @ 10:38


Rick - You always seem to respond to those whose opinions do not completely agree with yours with ridiculous personal attacks and hostility.

Are you really such an asshole?

Maybe if you used a more measured approach in your discussions you might actually find more people would be willing to join the discussions here.

Comment Posted By Elizabeth Brown On 5.03.2006 @ 10:21

Yeah, things are just great in Iraq. You guys should just give up on this one. You can post crap like this until you're blue in the face and the truth will remain that this war has been a disaster for our country. This careless and incompetent president screwed this up badly, and the price we're going to eventually end up paying is an Iraq firmly in the orbit of Tehran.

So what do you think? Scandal-A-Week George's next fiasco is starting to bubble up big and nasty all over. Did George W. Bush give away the nuclear cookie jar to India? And did he do it because he is desperate for positive headlines no matter what the consequences?

Stay tuned!

Comment Posted By Elizabeth Brown On 4.03.2006 @ 21:14



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