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I am amazed at dems and pubs alike... everyday Americans are always dumber by half, except of course, when they're not. They are brilliant, even "progressive" when they vote O in, and dumber than a box of rocks when they vehemently disagree with his actual performance and that of his "co-conspirators", Congress. Average Americans may not all be equally educated, moneyed, or sophisticated, but by and large, they know a terminological inexactitude when they see one.

Comment Posted By Elizabeth On 25.01.2010 @ 17:23


I can honestly say that I am sad that AMERICA did not get the Olympics. Having said that, BO got what he deserved... he spends political capital without any idea that Chicago is LAST ON THE LIST?? And after taking a world tour where he essentially bashes America every chance he gets, is ANYONE surprised? I suspect that had BO been successful in persuading the Olumpic Committee, unfortunately, we would have been mired in the same corruption that he surrounds himself in now. I am not celebrating... no euphoria or glee. Just a sinking feeling as we continue to slide into mediocrity.

Comment Posted By Elizabeth On 3.10.2009 @ 09:44



Liz says don't divert... you have no money, the country has no money... NO MONEY! You can borrow it, raise taxes on EVERYONE (because even the rich can't foot your bill), or print it. Any one of those is going to affect YOU in a very negative way.

Liz says quit spending.

Comment Posted By Elizabeth On 14.09.2009 @ 15:22

Jerr, If you were out there protesting five years ago, why aren't you out protesting now? You want to give healthcare to EVERYONE, but you protest the prescripton program?

It's clear that you guys have a lot of unresolved anger, even when your guy WON and YOU are in the majority! Jerr, that's not healthy. Why are you so upset about an itty bitty group of right wingnut extremist, crazy as H*$% protesters? Oh, I know, they aren't out working, so less taxes for you.... THAT may be the wave of the future... rights out protesting and lefts working to pay for them. Now THAT might be a change we can believe in!

Comment Posted By Elizabeth On 13.09.2009 @ 20:02


You need to study your history re: the founders and what they intended. As for corporate behemouths vs. government, PLEASE do not put words in my mouth. I don't believe that the corporates should run the show, NEVER said that... what I DO believe is that the relationship between government, corporations and the PEOPLE is COMPLETELY out of balance.

1. Representatives, Senators and Presidents should behave as SERVANT leaders, emphasis on SERVANTS. In fact, corporate leaders should also adopt the same attitude. In well run organizations, that is exactly what happens. BOTH polticians and corporate elites have come to a place where they believe that they are worth more, know more, are entitled to more JUST BECAUSE OF WHERE THEY ARE. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are both in a fiduciary relationship because they were deemed competent to be there, but NEITHER is entitled to do more or take more than is necessary to complete the mission that was assigned to them.

2. Corporate elites are not in check BECAUSE they have weak boards of directors, they have unethical relationships with politics (ie. GE/NBC/Obama) and they are not APPROPRIATELY regulated!!! Certainly, many industries should be regulated... but that should be appropriate regulation not regulation for the sake of regulation or regulation tied to some politician's self interest. Once regs are in place... enforce them!!

3.Politicians are not in check because we, the voters, have abdicated our responsibility. It is right and just to describe our elected officials as OUR employees. As such, they have STEWARDSHIP over the resources that they are PRIVILEGED to oversee. It's not THEIR money... and those resources should not be squandered, misspent, or wasted. I work for a healthcare corporation... I spend money... it's not MY money and when I spend it I am thinking of ONE thing... am I doing the right thing at the right time for our PATIENTS. If I am frivilous, because I want a nicer office or a company car who gets hurt? If I spend millions on unneeded equipment or I lose money that I just can't find who gets hurt? The patients... because those resources were not spent appropriately toward the mission that was assigned to me. Because we provide care to the working poor... those who don't qualify for MCAID but can't afford insurance, the more I commit to my mission, the more patients we can treat. Why should our politicians be ANY different? Or our corporate leaders?

As for the billions vs. trillions, what are you saying? Because the gov't wasted trillions in defense we should waste trillions on healthcare/shovel ready stimulus projects/community organizers/politicians special pet projects? I DON'T CARE... waste is waste... defense waste didn't start with Reagan & Bush I, stop with Clinton, start back with Bush II, stop with Obama... who are you kidding. Your logic is flawed in my estimation because you are so fixated on the past, and perhaps your disdain for the military that you cannot seem to think forward to the future and what we are facing as a nation.

Finally, please check your bank account, your money market, your savings... whatever you have could you please take it and use it to feed/shelter/provide healthcare for, let's say, a couple of thousand people? Maybe you are independently wealthy, but let's say you are an average American with an average amount in savings... go do it... how will all of you live on that amount of money? Can you go borrow from China? Pay them enormous amounts of interest? Maybe you can print some up and devalue your currency so that your savings are now worth half... the point is YOU don't have the money... neither do I. Neither does the US government. It's NOT there.

The bottom line is that NO ONE in DC are making decisions to empower people... NO ONE. There are smart, ingenius ways to solve problems... but they won't be coming from this government and I won't argue with you... they didn't come from the repubs either. It will require Americans, including those on both sides of the great divide, demanding that our SERVANT leaders AND our corporate leaders DO THE RIGHT AND JUST THINGS. That is what the demonstrations today were about.

Comment Posted By Elizabeth On 12.09.2009 @ 23:10

I do love singing crickets!

Comment Posted By Elizabeth On 12.09.2009 @ 19:21

Dearest Moltenorb,

YOU make my argument beautifully... the government is so collectively incompetent that they should NOT be entrusted with our money... I don't care whether it is defense, healthcare, education, the post office...

I've operated for years in an industry which has grown more expensive BECAUSE of Medicare. Prior to Medicare physicians were not made wealthy because of their profession. BIG corporations like GE were not making and selling million dollar pieces of equipment to every hospital, ambulatory center, practice on every corner... along comes MCARE and voilla. IF you understand the role of MCARE in getting us where we are today, then you could perhaps contribute rationally to the solution rather than relinquish it to the government.

No, the BIGGEST MADOFF in history is the GOVERNMENT.

Comment Posted By Elizabeth On 12.09.2009 @ 18:47


How about "it's the escalation stupid" (not u... just in general).

1. Iraq war spending... $800 billion over approx. 8 years
2. Bush's bank bailout... $700 bil 1 year
3. Obama "stimulus"... $787 bil, including how many bils to ACORN... please don't talk to me about fraud
4.Obama's signing of the waste laden omnibus $410 bil
5.Obama's planned spending for healthcare $900 bil (10 years... we'll see)

If the gov't wastes billions... whether it is defense or healthcare... why on earth DO YOU TRUST THEM WITH YOUR MONEY!!! Or for that matter with your healthcare? They are INCOMPETENT. Maybe not individually, but certainly collectively.

Calculate the impact of all this to our dollar, to our debt and the interest which we will owe on it, to the potential inflationary impact, to the little people who WILL pay the taxes for it, to the little people who won't get jobs because of it... immeasurable.

I NEVER supported the kind of spending we did under repubs and I put my money where my mouth was... BUT it has multiplied so significantly in such a compressed period of time over the past year. I cut off my financial support of the repubs over their spending WELL BEFORE this past election, Jerr, will you do the same for your beloved porkers?

By the way, I dont have enough time to address vitriol... but really, that is the great big pot calling the kettle black!

Comment Posted By Elizabeth On 12.09.2009 @ 18:30



Don't think I said that Bush wasn't responsible. But you cannot deny that BO is ALSO responsible.

1. We no longer can spend money on programs we cannot afford, no matter what your political position is on, say, healthcare.

2. Where we are NOW is the issue... doesn't matter HOW we got here. So, again, I tell you the protest is about spending our way to a third world country.

3. As a healthcare professional, the notion that we can spend 900 bil to cover everyone, that MCARE has 500 bil of waste, and that we haven't even discussed the boomers hitting the shelf is on its face ridiculous! BO CANNOT put this together in any way that makes sense. It is a fraudulent discussion to profess that all the noncovereds plus those moving onto the MCARE rolls and off the payrolls can occur without adding to debt that CANNOT be paid off by working, underscore working, Americans.

No, I am not defending Bush... but neither am I going to rollover for BO. We are engaging in generational theft ANY WAY YOU WANT TO ADD IT UP... and if you were intellectually honest, you could acknowledge the same.

Comment Posted By Elizabeth On 12.09.2009 @ 16:23

Bill, actually, that's GREAT!

Mark could you put in a good word for Joe Wilson... tell em' we want him as our TRUTH CZAR!!

Comment Posted By Elizabeth On 12.09.2009 @ 15:27

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