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onservatives with any degree of maturity have no leader. That's what makes them conservatives.
Most of us who had the privilege of working to elect Barry Goldwater thought of him as our candidate and point man. Obviously he had a national audience and enunciated conservative concepts with which we mostly agreed. We honored Barry and esteemed him greatly but we knew that he would resent being called the leader of anything.
Many today who call themselves conservatives have never fought any political battles and only fantasize about political conquests.
They look to "celebrity" conservatives for their ideas, and have a fan mentality about them.This is not necessarily wrong but it is conducive to idol worship and attributing infallibility to their idol.

Comment Posted By Edward Cropper On 4.04.2009 @ 13:47


The idea that those who vigorously oppose Obama's approach to governing must of necessity be a hope for his failure is not realistic or sane. Many of us hope the best for the President because as Barry Goldwater once said if our president is successful the country cannot help but be benefited.
Where I draw the line is where a hope for his success( meaning good actions by this administration that results in good things generally for the nation as a whole) does not demand loyalty to him personally regardless what his approach may be.
If I knew for sure Obama's Presidency would ultimately mean less individual rights, less freedom from government intrusion, less freedom of the press,and greater influence by left-wing radical nutcases I would get down on my knees and pray for his failure.
Since I cannot know these things for sure(even though I have deep suspicions) I will wish him well, then watch, watch and watch again to see where he and his gang is leading us. I also will not hesitate to speak out against him and his policies no matter how non supportive that may appear.

Comment Posted By Edward Cropper On 8.03.2009 @ 20:45


Al Capone Said Today That His Transition Team Has Reviewed It's Contacts With Bugs Moran's Gang And Found Itself Blameless

Comment Posted By edward cropper On 25.12.2008 @ 09:45


The average American citizen doesn't have a clue what real conservative ideas are about. They live in never never land or they are so involved in their daily activity to survive they hardly have time to gather any meaningful insights into "political ideologies".
Too many "commentators" are so encased in a political philosophical morass they never see a real American and so do not understand what has happened to the Joe the Plumbers of this country.

Comment Posted By edward cropper On 5.11.2008 @ 21:25


Sorry, something got cut off.

You protest too much. A conservative that can be pigeon holed is not a conservative. Conservatism is a frame of mind that thinks independently within a certain moral structure. You show your uncertainty by saying if you believe in evolution you are consigned to hell. That is a dig at evangelicals who seem to drive you nuts.
There are certain standards that all ideologies must have to maintain any degree of stability. Within those standards there are always areas of disagreement.
Disagreements that do not nullify basic foundational beliefs are acceptable and part of any discourse.
A contented conservative is secure in his inner being and is not derailed by any other "conservatives" who differ or harangue. No matter how vigorous that difference or harangue may be.

Comment Posted By edward cropper On 28.10.2008 @ 20:48


After reading your love letter to the Kingston Trio I understand your political thinking much better.

Comment Posted By edward cropper On 13.10.2008 @ 21:24

'Unleash' Palin? Get Real

I am not sure that what you see is what you get.
The over blown adulation of Sarah is not her fault, neither is the outlandish deep seated hatred displayed by the likes of Katie, Chris, Keith, Whoopi, and the other left wing ass-holes.
She did reasonably well at the beginning, even when high-jacked by Charlie Gibson.
I do not think there is any unleashing quality here , but I do believe she has more than has been revealed thus far. Perhaps the Biden debate will show us something.

Comment Posted By edward cropper On 29.09.2008 @ 15:43


It's not that both Presidential candidates don't have any plan , no one does. Oh you hear a few voices crying in the wilderness, but they are weak and without influence. Most Americans do not even know what you are talking about. They have been captured by the "let's not get to concerned about the old wives tales of American individuality and distinctiveness" and lets just worry about all those mundane things that occupy the press, the sports world, the entertainment industry, and the hack politicians who pose as representatives of the people.

Comment Posted By edward cropper On 28.09.2008 @ 15:02


Only a certified moron could honestly believe that the (MSM Crap ) is not in the tank for Obama.
I have no problem with any Rep. or Dem. candidate being asked hard meaningful questions that are relevant to the election process.
Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson were not anywhere close to that criteria. These liberal shills are void of common journalistic professionalism.
True Sean Hannity was a cheerleader, but then he always is.

Comment Posted By edward cropper On 26.09.2008 @ 16:37

For those of us who never thought Sarah was Margaret Thatcher it is not surprising she has had a few bumps since being exposed to the MSM vultures.
She will get better, and only naive political thinkers actually believe the President and/or Vice-President
really makes all those blood sweating decisions all by themselves.
Only those who have held an elected office understand the tremendous input from associates and subordinates that aid them in their decision making process.
LaShawn Barber was also singing the Sarah Palin blues. Is this a woman thing?

Comment Posted By edward cropper On 26.09.2008 @ 14:48

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