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To those who loved the Sailors killed that day,

I, and I imagine you, wonder what, if anything, it meant. Your men are gone, why? Because they served in a capacity that includes risk, I suppose. Risk of accident is one thing, Navy ships are, by their nature, dangerous places. I know. I was a Flight Surgeon aboard the Ticonderoga for 2 cruise to Viet Nam. We lost men; bautiful, wonderl n, friends of mine, and why? We're taught to say, "To bring freedom to South Viet Nam." We sure did a great job, didn't we?

Now, what? Iraqi Freedom! Yeah, right. It's about oil, and profits, and plunder, and all the bad things that the rich do to subsume mass murder under "Pariotism.

My prayers are with you in your grief. They deserved better.

Edwin S. Watts, M.D.

Comment Posted By Ed Watts On 12.10.2005 @ 18:32



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