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Some of this stuff is grasping at straws and presented in a misleading way.

The UN inspectors satellite photos are from after the war. You know the one, does "Mission Accomplished" ring any bells? They undoubtedly show all the caches being stripped and sent to surrounding countries to be sold as scrap. There were reports at the time of the empty UN sites, which had already been inspected BTW, being stripped and lines of trucks taking the stuff to ----> Jordan. Some of this also probably wound up in Syria.

General Sada being billed as an expert... he had not been in the Iraqi military since 1991. He had retired in 86 but was drafted for Gulf War 1. He was thrown in prison and was released but closely monitored as a possible threat to Saddam and a Christian in a Muslim country. Who would have told him all these secrets? What dissidents or Christians would Saddam let smuggle out WMDs? Who did he associate with? - Read between the lines of the book. Who plugged him into Iraqi politics right after the war? Check out what PR firm is managing his book tour that gets all these media hot tickets. Do the words swindler and liar and Iranian agent Chalabi ring any bells?

You are being neo-conned again into another sweeping big lie to pull the GOP bacon out of the fire in time for another election.

The last big lie cost us a billion dollars and thousands of troops. Quit weakening America.

Comment Posted By Easter Lemming On 24.03.2006 @ 01:19


The Poor Man made a noteworthy point the other day about an interesting facet of the conservative movement: "how even the tiniest example of wingnuttery is a near-perfect replica of the whole edifice, substantively consonant in every particular but scale."

Michelle Malkin's work, particularly her new book, *Unhinged*, is like that: a kind of embodiment in miniature, as it were, of the conservative movement as a whole. Just as Malkin ignores the clear presence of extremism within the ranks of conservatism and instead projects those tendencies onto her enemies, so too does the conservative movement as a whole.

And that, in the end, is the root of the problem.

Now, it's true that *Unhinged* is perhaps the most lightweight of all the liberal-bashing tomes that have been flooding the market. In a year or two, its publication will have been long forgotten, and its impact on the national discourse will have been negligible in any positive sense, in no small part due to its innate lack of honesty.

Comment Posted By Easter Lemming On 20.12.2005 @ 06:16



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