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Another in a continuing series of Rick's posts which are thinly-disguised missives to those in the DC Beltway with hiring authority, crying out to differentiate himself from the unwashed conservative masses, in a never-ending quest to obtain that mid-level DC sinecure, which he feels he so richly deserves! After all he is so S-M-R-T!

C'mon Rick! You're from Ill-noise, "Land of Broad Shoulders"....grow a pair and kick those Krazy Koz Kids where it hurt!

Prove it. Take anything I have ever written and prove that the reason I write it is because I want a job in DC - a place I worked for 7 years many years ago and where I have no desire whatsoever to return.

Since you can't find any proof, then I must assume you simply made it up - pulled it out of thin air wanting to sound like Stacy McCain or some other smart aleck. It doesn't make you sound smart. It makes you sound like you don't know what you're talking about. In fact, "mid level sinecure" is straight from McCain's website - you're not even smart enough to come up with your own insults.


Comment Posted By Earl T On 5.02.2010 @ 04:42


"Anti-science is now a legitimate conservative position for some. Resistance to logic and reason is part of it but beyond that, it is suspicion and paranoia about those who choose to think beyond talking points. They simply don’t trust people who aren’t as ignorant as they are. " ed.

Ahhh....ummm... Lil Ricky! Yeah! You! Think the position may be more responsibly set forth as Anti-JUNK science is the conservative position/

After all, the purloined or whistle-blown CRU e-mails clearly establish a position of fakery and fraud, which have not generally been considered part of legitimate science ever since the Piltdown Man controversy was exposed!

As for "science by consensus"---that went out just after the leading scientists of the day sought and secured ex-communication of Galilleo---the consensus at that time was Earth was the center of the universe. How'd that consensus work out???

Did you read the post? Obviously no. Jesus lord God what a dolt. Please point out anywhere I write about "consensus." You can't - which proves my point about anti-intellectuals like you.

I see no difference whatsoever between Al Gore and you. Both believe the science is settled and will not listen to anything reasonable that does not comport with their own ideology.



Comment Posted By Earl T On 28.11.2009 @ 16:47


30 places you say, in a popularity poll? WOW!

Is that like winning the NOBEL Crackerjack Piece Prize?

Do we get to be Prom Queen or captain of the debate team now ???

Drop the Jr High school/student council mentality BS and get serious!

Countries don't have "friends", they have interests and in international relations, it always better to be feared and respected than "liked".

When will you leftards grow up?

Comment Posted By Earl T On 15.11.2009 @ 22:44

Wait a minute! I thought this POTUS was to initiate "Smart Dipolmacy," that's what all you O'Brownosers have been telling us: this is gonna be the smartest, bestus Prez evah, when it comes to re-elevating America in the eyes of our foreign friends and foes!

Guess what O'A**hats, our foreign buddies take this kind of stuff very seriously when it comes to measuring both sophistication and future intentions in foreign relations!

So, you O'bootlickers can't have it both ways. This is either a serious screw-up as a gaff (Zero doesn't get it and is thus: unsophiticated, untutored or ignorant) OR worse yet, it is a signal of intent (Zero surrenders America as a supplicant and suck-up to other world powers!

Comment Posted By Earl T On 15.11.2009 @ 16:51


I was waiting for this: the "LGF=ization" of this blog! Ban a bunch of folks to complete the effort, Richard!

Your quasi-intellectual "Frummery" has slipped its bounds, evidenced so lucidly by continued idolization of any subject upon which Noonan pontificates. She betrayed movement conservatives for her Washington social circle "seal-of-approval" so long ago its not worth discussing the exact date such a Country-club/Rockefeller/Bush blueblood made her idealogical preferences undeniably clear! The only issue with her writings is whether she indeed harbored ANY true conservative principles to begin with.

As for you, you will join Charles J. on my list of lost causes and blogs no longer worthy of intellectual consideration.

Intellectual integrity? I opine there is none to speak of hereabouts....

Intellectual postering? Aye! There's the real rub!

Comment Posted By Earl T On 7.10.2009 @ 20:10


Does anyone bother to take Moran seriously as a conservative? He's not even convincing when he plays one on radio!

As Nicolo astutely noted, Moran is quite jealous that someone like Rush pulls down notoriety, respect and a cool $20 million each year form his bravado version of entertainment mixed with keen insight, something Moran wishs he could emulate!

After spending a short time here, I'm convinced Moran is just a countryclub Pubbie with a tiny libertarian streak, with a small intellect to match.

Rush: "Say G'Night, Rick." Rick: "G'night Rick!

Comment Posted By Earl T On 16.09.2009 @ 20:32


Send a note of thanks, Rick(you gonad-less wonder!) to Sarah P. for helping lead the parade on this!

I'm a gonad-less wonder and you don't even have the courage to put your name on your comment?



Comment Posted By Earl T On 16.08.2009 @ 17:52


Rick "Maybe if I appease the crocs by blaming my own, they will eat me last" Moran---at it again I see. Throw your conservative colleagues under the bus! You clearly haven't the stones to stand up for principles, other than "reasoning with the unreasonable."

I know! Let's talk disarmament with the Norks and blame our side for being so damned demanding!

You may have set the record for idiocy with this one. So, you support violence? You support shouting down others and preventing their exercise of free speech?

And you accuse me of lacking principle? Heh.


Comment Posted By Earl T On 7.08.2009 @ 20:56


ML and Busboy:

An Hawaiian Birth Certificate, circa 1961, has 23 spaces for specific information or signatures to be inserted, including name of attending physician, name of hospital, mother's occupation prior to birth, AND a parent's signature. The summary document now issued by the state of Hawaii, which is purportedly BHO's and posted at Factcheck (which I have looked at) contains none of those spaces and thus NONE of that information and NONE of those signatures.

That's why it's called a "Certification" and bears the legend that is "prima facie" evidence, i.e. the information contained on it, is a rebuttable presumption---NOT FACT-- which by law means that the information on that particular document can be challenged, subject to producing the original Birth Certificate!

All I want to see is the ACTUAL and factual BHO document, you know, the one with 23 information blocks filled in, including the name of the Doc and the name of the hospital and Mom's signature! Both of you, go look at you own birth certificates--not summary versions many of us possess, the REAL certificates-- and tell me yours don't have that information on their respective faces! Yours probably also have your baby footprints on them! Mine does.

Comment Posted By Earl T On 23.07.2009 @ 12:32

To: ML

"Lunacy"? How is it lunacy to demand a simple answer to a simple question? "Never Investigated" these "urban legends"?

No, these so-called "urban legends" have been investigated in depth and have been proven to be true! There is no detailed "Certification of Live Birth" for BHO of public record; e.g. one which states where BHO was born, who the attending physician was, what the parents' street address was, et al. Why not?

And further, why did candidate BHO spend upwards of a cool million dollars to block any direct inquiry into the actual status and location of his birth---for which even he now claims took place at two different hospitals???

As with the Paula Jones issue for WJ Clinton (which you libs all screamed was only about sex---when it was truly about lying under oath)this is an issue of veracity, truth and Constitutional-level fraud upon the electorate; something basic to lawfully holding the office of POTUS.

I just want the best evidence of what the truth is: the long form Certification of Live Birth, not its truncated, computer-generated little brother!

Comment Posted By Earl T On 22.07.2009 @ 15:17



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