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To Anon:

How many Iraqi death were George Bush responsible for, under the guise of the war on terror?

Of course, I expect you to say none, but the honest truth is another matter.

Then again, who cares? They are just Arabs.

Comment Posted By Eagle Mason On 26.08.2009 @ 13:54

Despite all the worst names Rick Moran regurgitated from his right-wing cesspool of negative thought, it is a testament to the good works of Ted Kenneday that even Mr. Moran could not deny Ted's positive impact on the average America.

The same cannot be said of many of those whom Mr. Moran may hold in higher esteem.

As is the preference of the Right, it's better to look at the interests of the powerful first, in hope, as they have convinced the Ditto Heads and slavish followers of right-wing thought, that they may somehow benefit eventually.

May I ask, how many of ordinary Americans are today benefiting from Reagan's trickle-down economics, or George W. Bush's tax breaks to the richer Americans?

I always remain amazed by way the Right-wing have convinced their ordinary less well-off followers that they are the custodians of their better interests.

Thank God for Ted Kennedy, and the good he has done for the average American of whatever political stripe.

May he rest in peace, and with the knowledge that his positive legacy will live on as testament to his good works.

As he said to America "have the courage to choose change", and they did (at least, some segment of America did), and they chose Barack Obama.

The American Right-wing is to this day still fighting such change.

Comment Posted By Eagle Mason On 26.08.2009 @ 11:28



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