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You posts are like 10 lbs of bullsh!t in a 5lb bag. You hang on to the Bush Lied mantra and probably repeat it over and over in your mind till it becomes truth in your own perverted little liberal utopia and then you talk about the Communist Chinese and some supposed tie to GW? Clinton/Gore anyone? Stop giving passes to your own liberal hackjobs. Nothing pisses me off than pure partisan politcs that blind. As far as spending, I would agree that Bush is spending too much. Welfare and other social programs that are failing need to be revamped or replaced. The Great Society and War on Poverty has been a failure indeed, stop wasting our tax dollars.

Oh crap.. did i just feed the troll who has hijacked this discussion thread. Bad duncan! BAD BAD!

Comment Posted By Duncan Avatar On 26.02.2006 @ 14:17



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