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"There is no precedent in the history of industrialized civilization for this type of disaster"

Well that's just a crock. In Kobe 1995 an earthquake left 102,000 buildings collapsed and fire burned 7500 homes, killed 5250 people and left 400,000 homeless. Japan is certainly an industrialized civilization.

There other disasters of this magnitude in Iran, Turkey, Italy, Mexico, and elsewhere. Contingency plans are based on assumptions that almost always prove inaccurate. That is no excuse for not having a plan. Planners in the city , state and federal governments could look to the Kobe disaster and countless others to anticapate these problems and have a plan developed and ready to be implemented.

Comment Posted By Doug On 2.09.2005 @ 12:12


If you're going to be "a shameless and inveterate thief when it comes to harvesting ideas," it might help if your knockoff was at least funny or entertaining.

Mithras's original post was cutting, funny and, best of all, it looked like he'd actually bothered to read the blogs he was hammering. Yours was just . . . lame. At best, it was nothing more than a really long and drawn-out way of saying "I know you are, but what am I?"

Comment Posted By Doug On 8.08.2005 @ 07:23


While none of this is good it is par for the course. We have never fought a war in which our troops had exactly what was needed either in equipment or tactics. The thing you have to understand is neither did the enemy...We have won because our soldiers were better at adapting and making what they had work. During WWII our tanks were no match for the German Tiger tank but the troops figured out how to destroy them. Our troops in Iraq are doing the same. Ever heard of "Yankee ingenuity" That is what wins wars not a procurement system or a Secretary of Defense.

In the entire history of warfare there has never been an amry that went in equiped like they should have been and my guess is there never will be. War always comes down to which group of soldiers makes the best use of what they have. Who best minimizes the bad and maximizes the good.

Comment Posted By Doug On 27.06.2005 @ 07:53

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