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President Ford was indeed a good and decent man. A man willing to take on a challenge that would defeat most of us. He consented to lead this country when it was unleadable, he consented to do his best to put the country back together again when it seemed hopeless broken and all the while being made fun of every Saturday night by Chevy Chase.

He served as an ex President the same way he served as President, with honor and diginty.

He may have lost to Carter but Carter could learn a thing or maybe 100 from him.

Comment Posted By Doug Robertson On 27.12.2006 @ 12:18


One more thing don't you think it is ironic that today Dec 7th...the 65th anniversary of Pearl Harbor we are discussing how to surrender before we have even tried to win?

Comment Posted By Doug Robertson On 7.12.2006 @ 08:18

Perhaps you misunderstand me Rick. They want to confront us without triggering a war but they are prepared for war if it comes to that. What that means for us is there will be a war unless we just give in...wait never mind...with all the politicans rushing to the Sunday talk shows in order to be the first to surrender I guess they won't have to go to war.

Comment Posted By Doug Robertson On 7.12.2006 @ 07:59

If you study the history of the 1930's it is very evident that we were headed for war with Japan and Germany. A majority of Americans at the time wanted to avoid that at all costs.

It is now 2006 and like it or not we are headed for war with Iran. We can deny it all we want but the primary goal of the government of Iran is to engage the US militarily. I would bet doughnuts every morning for the rest of my life that the decision has already been made in Tehran to go to war with the US.


Comment Posted By Doug Robertson On 7.12.2006 @ 07:10



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