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Damn, I erred with italics in my last sentence. Guess I better find the nearest Burger King®, according to your typed words, huh?

Comment Posted By Don CeSar On 15.10.2008 @ 08:40

Thankfully, about a third of us have the cognitive and reading comprehension skills to thrive in this milieu of ideas. And someday, we shall rule the world. To those of you who actually read what I write, took the time, and made the effort to comment intelligently (even though most of you disagreed with me), thank you. You know who you are.

And no, it’s not you. Or you. Or the two thirds of you commenting on my much linked post from yesterday. For you – even if you agreed with me – I say, don’t worry. The world will always need dental assistants, telephone solicitors, dish washers, burger flippers, and government workers. I’m sure that someday, you will find a place where your rather unique, um, skills will be utilized to the fullest.

Give blood recently?

Yes I have, have you?

As to the typed and thoughts of "A SHORT, BUT PIQUANT NOTE, ON KNUCKLEDRAGGERS", you seem as smug and elitist as Obama is.

I shall honor the Obama Presidency, just as Obama honored our flag and anthem.

OH. I won't call you Shirley, but at least WE stand on some common ground as >i>I think both of us enjoyed Airplane.

Comment Posted By Don CeSar On 15.10.2008 @ 08:35



Shirley you jest. To damn funny.

No, I'm serious. And don't call me Shirley.


Comment Posted By Don CeSar On 14.10.2008 @ 22:58

He just may be President. He just will not be MY President.

Comment Posted By Don CeSar On 14.10.2008 @ 22:40

'cuse me THAT'S Chuck Pelto....

Comment Posted By Don CeSar On 14.10.2008 @ 22:39

Chuck Pelto

Congratulations, I think you've hit at least six home runs, on this thread.

Obama Tells Tax-Burdened Plumber the Plan is to ‘Spread the Wealth Around’

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.

Obama is a socialist.

Comment Posted By Don CeSar On 14.10.2008 @ 22:37



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