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Somebody understands why Russia is threatening war against the United States because they let the stupid chip leak to the chineese, why aren't they pressuring the chineese government? And why the hell haven't we seen anybody pressuring the chineese governement to give back the chip? Their actions (attacking CTU!!!) are more than a little out of line, wars have been started for a lot less.

Comment Posted By Dom On 21.05.2007 @ 16:51


This is a great post, but you should really reconsider your characterization of the liberal blog reaction. Within the links you post, Liberal Values specifically notes that you, Greg Tinti, Allahpundit, and Blue Crab Boulevard have objected to Schlussel's rantings. Michael Stickings at the Reaction acknowledges that neither the thoughtful conservative bloggers nor the Bush administration hold Schlussel's paranoid view of Muslims. Gary Farber at Amygdala calls her a moron and doesn't ascribe her beliefs to any other conservative. And who has ever called her the "Queen of the Conservative Blogosphere"?

Comment Posted By dom On 20.12.2006 @ 12:47


For a Brit I'm surprised how well I understood all that. I know this comment isn't political insight but that's a benchmark.

OT Want to plug a great site Allah linked, that I enjoyed messing on this morning and thought I would tell bloggers.

Comment Posted By Dom On 9.07.2005 @ 08:37


dave bones,

Thanks for speaking on our collective behalf. You can say what protesters and pundits believe and you can say what you believe but there is no man in the world who can claim to know the beliefs of a whole city.

Comment Posted By Dom On 9.07.2005 @ 09:28

We Londoners do have a busy LLL contingent and it has been publicly influential, as you know, but they are not much of us. The man's comment about 'Little Beirut' - that's what we call the southernmost part of Edgware Road. The Edgware Road runs for miles through northern London, from Edgware down to Marble Arch in town. I know that if you stop people near the Marble Arch end you may catch shoppers and workers, like me, heading to and from town but it's mostly Muslim residents and shops, and wide boys too skint for town who are invariably paranoid and up for demented conspiracy theories. The comments are certainly not irrelevant - I hadn't really been hearing this shit from Londoners after the attack, it took a journalist. To their credit my Muslim friends weren't grumbling about conspiracies this time, they clearly are in the same boat, and by choice. You'd need to get around London a lot more to encounter a truly representative sample of Londoners. A mile up from Little Beirut or a few hundred yards south, is a lot more settled, a lot less 'street'. But there was a bomb at Edgware Road station and that's where the comment was.

I'm really touched by the American response.

Comment Posted By Dom On 9.07.2005 @ 09:24



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