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Rick, I think that this sentance you wrote is wrong:-
"The left starts with the premise that any deviation from its base assumptions on race is non-negotiable – an advantage they see as set in stone as the Ten Commandments"

Now the first part is indeed correct. As for the second part.
"Liberals" are quite clear that they never want to see the Ten Commandments set in stone.

BTW can't we find another word to use other than "Liberal", for these psudo-Marxists? As an Englishman, politically on the right, I still think of myself as a liberal.

Comment Posted By DocMartyn On 23.06.2006 @ 06:40


Actually, Neptune and Overlord are very good operations to study to realize how things go wrong in War. The Americans in particular made a large number of mistakes. Their intellegance was bad, the USarmy didn't study what the Marines were doing in the Pacific theater and so they didn't bombard their beaches enough, hence bloody Omaha. They dropped the amphibious tanks too far out and so most were lost (along with their highly trained crews). At Utah, they landed in the wrong place. This was very luck as where they landed was lightly defended, whereas the actual designated landing site was highly defended. The CB's put togeather their floating harbour togeather much more quickly than the British, but not so well, and this was destroyed in the "Great Storm" some days later. Imaging the NYT story, "Allied Armies logistics networked halved."
Finally, I would pointout that the Americans made up only about 2/5ths of the total troops, airmen and sailors, the rest was made up of British, Canadians, Poles and French.

Comment Posted By DocMartyn On 7.06.2006 @ 06:50


"Another contender is Great Britain."
My good lord, do you want me to call you a Yank?
Great Britain comprises of three footballing nations, all of which are able to qualify for the world cup, England, Scotland and Wales. In addition,Northern Ireland and also field a squad (being part of the United Kingdom).
As it is, England may have a chance, but expect us to go out in the quater or semi-finals.

Comment Posted By DocMartyn On 30.05.2006 @ 15:41


My major problem with the scientists who work on models, is that their models are really quite stupid. They are attempting to model chaotic systems without understanding the basics of them. The biggest flaws these models have is what is the effect of water vapor on the planets heat exchange rate with space and what effect does CO2 have on the biosphere? The first one they ignore, for the most part, when they include clouds their models rush off to some meta-stable state (giving Earth an atmosphere like Mars or Venus depending whether the weather goes cooling or heating).
What is incresed CO2 going to do to the biosphere? Plants spend a lot of energy trapping CO2, just because its is so damned scarce. They use specilist cells to trap CO2 as bicarbonate, which is passed on to the carbon fixing cells. In plants like bamboo, this is a large fraction of the plants energy buget. If CO2 fixing get easier, then we should have more plants. More plants, means more water vapor at ground level (I will ignore the oceans), and that will cause global warming.
Finnaly, a question for you all. What is the solubility of CO2 in water ice? Do the ice caps contain significant levels of CO2, when compared to liquid water? Does melting of ice act as a carbon sink?

Comment Posted By DocMartyn On 28.05.2006 @ 09:44


I doubt that the NSA has enough memory to recored a minor fraction of phone calls. What it can do is look at the times, duration, caller and callee locations. This way they can examine the interconnections betwwen individuals. This will allow them to track the networking between people. They get one bad guy, they can examine just who he was in contact with, and then follow their trails, and so on.
The British, through GCHQ, have done this for decades and it has been very useful in tracking the IRA and similar groups. Pity they didn't extend it to possible Islamic terrorists. Just how do you think the FBI/CIA can stop a home grown terrorist group, like the group in the UK which bombed four London targets, if you don't track EVERYONE? Or at least be able to track their assistors and cheerleaders after an outrage?

Comment Posted By DocMartyn On 12.05.2006 @ 07:04


Laws and ethical guidelines do not apply to the left because they are on the side of a real, just and fair society. They can behave how they want to, because they care, they care more than other people, so they are entitled to do what every they need to do to make other people like themselves do well. Democrats care, and Republicans dont, so democrats can do anything to stop Republicans. See, its simple.

Comment Posted By DocMartyn On 24.04.2006 @ 19:59


The Telegraph is not left-wing at all, it the the leading right-wing broardsheet, more right-wing than the Times Order like this Independant, Observer(Sun)/Guardian, Times and then Telegraph.

They also have extensive ties with people in the "Establishment", so the guess that this is a trail ballon is probably correct. Watch the ballon sink without a trace.

Comment Posted By DocMartyn On 5.03.2006 @ 15:41


OBL murdered the only real rival the Taliban, and a real fighter of the Soviets, Mosod the day before the 9/11 attacks. He sent a sucide bomber disguised as a camaraman, with a bomb hidden in his camara.
Since then OBL has been a bit paronoid about his personal security. I bet he does not trust any device that can possibly contain 1) a bomb or 2) a homing device. He knows that GWB want him and has put a price on his head, everyone around OBL is a possible traitor, and so OBL must sleep knowing there might be a bomb, hellfire or bunch of special forces about to come crashing through his doors and windows at anytime.

Comment Posted By DocMartyn On 20.01.2006 @ 20:08


An oil tanker wouldn't work, nor ta a greater extent would a pressureized gas transporter (although this would be better). To make a bang and blast, as opposed to a fire, you need to have a reductant (i.e. hydrocarbon or carbon) and an oxidants, other than air. You could use a bulk cargo transporter carrying a half ammonium nitrate and top that with light oil (like disel) and have that initiated by convention explosives. That would be Oklahoma City miltiplies by a couple of orders of magnitude (like the Halifax explosion in WWI). I would hope that the powers that be keep a track on such things, but it would be relitively easy to do.

Comment Posted By DocMartyn On 8.01.2006 @ 18:37


Two Commissions have found he didn’t order American soldiers to torture prisoners (although not resolving their legal status is a disgrace).

Actually we know that their legal status is that they are illegal combants (lacking a chain of command, not wearing uniforms or distingusing markers, desgusing themselves as civilians, e.t.c.), and as such under the Hague and Geneva Conventions they can be treated as such and subjected to death in the field or held as long as a lawful combatants wishes to hold them before exicution or release.

Comment Posted By DocMartyn On 3.01.2006 @ 17:45

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