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Tim, It is obviously more worthy to sell out ones integrity and honesty in a bid for the white house than to distance yourself from people. I would say morals but McCain decided a long time ago to cheat on his last wife...yeeaaaa.....morals....down the toilet there.

Now according to jambrowski my arguments are illogical. I would like him/her to refute the fact that
1. McCain sold out on his integrity and honesty (just look at his ads)
2. McCain cheated on his last wife

Plus I like the fact that jambrowski says "messiah" will come "elitist" and other GOP buzz words. P.O.W! P.O.W! P.O.W!

jambrowski, I believe you are indicating that I stumbled upon this article by mistake. I have had Right Wing Nut House on a feed to bloglines for awhile now. You are obviously one who picked a party line and started cheering your horse matter the controversy. You are an "independent thinking individual" are you? Riiiiight. Just like Bill O'Reilly is a non-partisan moderate independent.

My main argument with this site is that Rick has been letting McCain get away with all of his crap and not calling him out on any of it! On no!!!! Obama said "lipstick on a pig" lets write an artical on it. Listening to the speech you know Obama was talking about McCain policy...just hearing a soundbite you think he is referring to Palin. McCain said same about a policy of Hillary's in the know what...we just won't bring that up. Never happened. P.O.W! P.O.W!

Tim brought up a valid point about Carly Fiorina...and all you (jambrowski) can say is "you know where mccain and palin stand" and then try and turn around on Obama. Uh-Oh! Something bad about McCain. Throw up the smokescreen. P.O.W! P.O.W!

Gets tiring hear someone say (in my case write) P.O.W! Doesn't it?

Comment Posted By Disappointed American On 17.09.2008 @ 09:54


I'm sorry jambrowski...but it is hard to take your comment serious...if you were being serious even. But I'll go with the assumption that you were at least attempting to make a point.

I'm not sure which "absurd comment" of mine you were remarking about. Was it where I said Rick was a biased writer? Of course he is a biased writer...everyone is biased one way or other. FYI jambrowski, this website is called Right Wing Nut House. Not obvious enough for you, eh? "Right Wing" Nut House. Get it now? "Right". As in - Republican. As in - Republican point of view.

I understand this is a biased site. You should too though. Just like I know if I go watch Keith Olbermann I'm going to get some liberal garbage (very biased...but in Keith's case very hateful). Man, I could go on about Olbermann and O'Reilly all day. They are like Nancy Grace...I love to hate them.

Anyways, I like to think of myself as right in the middle when it comes to politics but the truth is I swing left or right depending on the election. I don't treat politics like sports. I don't pick a side and blindly follow/cheer them on. (Those last two lines I got from some other site and wish I could remember who wrote them to give them credit...but for right now it is enough that you know I agree with those statements. Note the word blindly in there.) To be honest I am really looking forward to the long as they address issues and get past the name calling and lies.

The rest of your comment was just pure trash. Also, what "derisive misconstrued lies" are you referring to? My statement contained facts and then contained my own opinions. I'm not sure how my opinion that I'm disappointed in both parties is hurtful or is a lie but may I recommend that you re-read my post and digest it?

I'm pretty sure Rick Moran does not need your help in attacking what I wrote. He can go edit the comment and make his own remarks. He might even say I'm lying and would fit in at the Obama war room. Rick is using one remark made by McCain and ignoring another.

McCain did not make a a sound, reasonable, point about the underlying strength of the economy. He made TWO! And they differed from each other (4 years ago you would have broken out the flip-flops for that one). Rick is blindly defending one of McCain's statements which does not reconcile with the other.

Comment Posted By Disappointed American On 16.09.2008 @ 17:00

You can't have it both ways. On Monday, McCain said the fundamentals were strong...then later said they were at great risk. That is a fact. You can't get around that fact. He said both statements. I believe it was even the same speech (I will have to double check that though). Are you going to do block quotes of his speech and then "explain" it as you do above? Because, you know...maybe I "heard" it wrong...maybe he really "meant" to say something else. Maybe I'm just dumb and when he said "at risk" he meant something totally different. Maybe you are just a bias writer and people should understand that. I do. You write bad things about Democrats and write good things about Republicans. This is what you do. No matter what facts are out there.

I am having problems with both Democrats and Republicans this year...and it all comes down to the lies they tell. It is coming from both sides but I believe every one will admit (at least to themself) that the Republicans are spewing forth the most garbage. I like that you call Obama/Biden out on some of their lies/truth stretching...but to never write about the Republicans doing it? How about where they claim Obama tried to teach "comprehensive" sex education to young kids. We all know what it was about (teaching young children about pedophiles) but note that the ad placed an emphasis on "comprehensive" he was going to talk about safe-sex/condoms/STDs/birds and the bees/etc. That is down-right, nasty, disgusting campaigning there. How about where they state they would run a clean campaign...and 5 minutes into it the mud-slinging started. Both sides did it but I believe the Republicans started it. How can you believe in a man who would sell out his integrity like that?

This year I will more than likely have to vote non-dem/non-rep...I feel let down by both parties. I feel let down by people like you, who spout party BS in order to support a party just because they are Democrat or Republican. You are like Sean Hannity...who constantly says Republican Republican Republican...POW POW POW. Or Whoopie Goldberg on The View - Democrat Democrat Democrat...race race race. (Hmm...maybe I should have used Keith Olbermann as an example. That is a man who is full of hate. Kinda like Bill O'Reilly.)

Comment Posted By Disappointed American On 16.09.2008 @ 15:33



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