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The Nazi Facists are currently in power in D.C. right this minuit. You know, the ones that quite literally walking in the footsteps of the Nazi Party in Germany... supporting the murder of the innocent (abortion) and or undesirables (handicapped and elderly alike), forcing the people to work for the state instead of themselves. Nationalizing whole industries... you know THAT sounds exactly like what those in Power in DC are doing today!

Golly, I think you better look into the mirror before you go throwing such acusations about people who are so clearly not walking that path. Robinson and most FReepers are about FREEDOM, real freedom, not the kind that Government hands you.

You see, if the government has the power to give you something, it also has the power to take it from you. Thats not freedom, that's totalitarianism

Comment Posted By Dianna On 19.07.2009 @ 13:00

Moran, you are such a Poser.

Go ad hominem often? Thats a sure sign of a poor writer.

Robinson 1 Moran 0

Comment Posted By Dianna On 19.07.2009 @ 12:52



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