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I am so disappointed with the GOP these days. I used to be a Democrat when I was younger and became disgusted with them as well. I guess I will have to start a Party of Me so that I won't be disappointed anymore. Not.
I am sticking with the GOP because I believe that it can be reformed. I don't think McCain is the one to do it, but I believe that he will cut spending and at least scare our enemies enough to back them up a bit until we conservatives can get our acts together.
The problem is with the congress. I think overall the GOP did a pretty job in the minority with stopping some of the democratic craziness. Jeez, remember Harry Reid and the whole cot drama and cutting off funding for our troops? That one image alone made me shake myself out of my disappointment and realize that turning our country over to the far left whackos without a fight isn't an option. Nancy in her scarf and selling out President Bush in Syria wasn't a pretty picture either.

Comment Posted By Diana On 26.10.2008 @ 00:29


As a conservative I have been disgusted by the "compassionate" big spending Repbublicans for quite a while. I know that McCain really isn't conservative but he is to the right of Obama. My real fear is the Supreme Court going far left if Obama and a democratic controlled congress are in charge. Our nation may never recover from that disaster. As a nation, we seem to forget the hell true liberalism does to our ecomony, our defense and our morals and have to remind ourselves just how bad it is every 30 years or so. God help us all if Obama is elected. God help our allies as well.

Comment Posted By Diana On 16.10.2008 @ 22:59



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